24 May 2021

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In this technology-driven era, people prefer takeaways to go to posh restaurants to dine out. A large percentage of people like t eat food sinking into their couch, watching television. For these people, takeout service is a blessing one does not need to leave the comfort of staying at home to make the taste buds happy with tasty meals. Year by year the craze of home delivery of meals and fast food growing is faster than the preference of dining out. Due to the increasing demand for home delivery and takeaway, restaurant owners are now considering opening online orders, home delivery, and takeaway facility to their customers. In this pandemic situation, people feel unwilling to get dressed and show up in restaurants to eat out. So most of the people prefer to get tasty food in a homely environment, from quality restaurants offering takeaway service. Takeaway service is a blessing to small or boutique restaurants that offer limited space for accommodation.
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