Forster co ax single stage press


13 January 2019

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Forster Co Ax Reloading Press

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Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. To answer your question about reloading : I only shoot what I load anymore.. I don't see the need at all for any extra jaws unless you plan on abusing the press somehow and damaging the jaws. It is simple to install on the existing Co-Ax yoke.

I hope it is still serving him but I don't remember who it was, so I can't ask him how it's doing. To answer your question about reloading : I only shoot what I load anymore.. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Deluxe Single Stage Reloading Press Kit.

Forster Co Ax Reloading Press - Name suche jemanden, der mich liebt und für schon seit geraumer zeit ein zweifamilienhäuser in österreich. Others have too much play.

Well, let your check book be your guide. I have never been around a co-ax press but most people with experience with them, love them. But what your after is the finished product, a loaded round of ammunition! Used properly I don't think there's a better press on the market than the Lee Cast single stage press. I've never owned one but bought one for my son to get started with. I've worked it a few time's and found out that the ammo out of it was as good as that out of my Rock chucker! Going to a turret I wouldn't say much as I've only owned one and mee and mas production just don't get along, sold mine! There are thing's put into some press's that are simply convenient thing's for handloader's, they don't make better ammo. Over the years I've thought about the match grade seating die. Well got one and never use it. How much more accuracy they could give me, I haven't a clue but 48 yrs of doing it have taught me that the best tool you can use is your brain. Keep it orderly and understand what your tool really does! So, let your check book be your guide! The Forster Co-Ax isn't about money. I bought it for the design. I have reloaded tens of thousands hundreds? I have found no downdside to the Co-Ax and have found it to be easy to use. My Turret, single stages and hand presses could make ammo just as good, but I wanted to use the design for my reloading style. Accuracy is only as good as the nut behind the lever... In my humble opinion, nothing. I basically wore the thing out but kept on using it until about 3-4 months ago when I got tired of looking for parts to repair it with. It served me well for all those years and then I sent it to one of our new members who wanted to get into reloading. He said he was going to fix it and use it himself. I hope it is still serving him but I don't remember who it was, so I can't ask him how it's doing. Shoot, he might get another 40 years out of it. There are many good presses out here. We all have our own reasons for buying what we did. I have owned 3 brands of presses, Lee, Hornady and Forster. As far as the Co-Ax is concerned, as I said before, because the dies float, it self-centers the cartridge and when depriming, the spent primers are contained in the little jar, reducing the lead dust from the surrounding air. These are the two main benefits for me, though there are others that are good but not as important. I had a Lee Pro 1000 for about 20 years that worked well and loaded thousands of rounds, though many people hate Lee and the Pro 1000, I just wore it out and decided to get a press with more stations, so I went with the Hornady LNL, also, which some people hate but I find it to be a great press that can turn out tons of rounds in a short period of time for a reasonable amount of money. But, to each their own. Nothing, except it does not need shell holders and has a good used primer retrieval system Here I am, the Lee tool champion trying to find something a Lee Press won't do. Again, it's not what one tool will or will not do. I like red short bed Chevy pickups. Will they do any more or less than a blue Ford short bed Pickup? Nope its a preference. My first bench mounted press was an aluminum Challenger. I used that several years and that's a good target for Lee Haters; aluminum and Lee. The Co-Ax is a different design, one that I happen to like. For several yeas I used a Lee turret, and I liked the quick change die plates and I like the quick change system of the Co-Ax too , I did everything on that Lee press that I've done on any press I've owned including full length sizing 30-06, cast bullet sizing, and some light jacketed bullet swaging. I've been using my Co-Ax for a little over a year now and it is, by far the best single stage press I've used. Everything folks say about them is true; smooth operation loading and priming, sufficient leverage, easy die changes, and quality materials and workmanship. I like the used primer collection, the repeatability of die changes most do not need to be readjusted and the shell holder system. Yep, Sinclair or Forster lock rings work bet, but I have used slightly modified Lee rings successfully. Yep, they are expensive compared to most other presses but they are worth it. Loads my 9mm through 30-06 and 7. Ditto on the above, and I must add that the primer seater has work exceedingly well for me too. I was convinced that I had to have a hand held seater to get optimum depth setting but the more I investigate the more I pull back to the Co-Ax press system. Still looking though, but would like to hear about some other folks 1st hand experiences in this matter. Join us to discuss firearms of all kinds, gun accessories, legal issues and more. 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It costs less, is made of steel and uses a socket head screw. This is one of the easiest to operate and has several unique features. Every person I spoke to showed concern for me as a customer and met on addressing my problems. Well got one and never use it. What are they worth, in this 21st Century, modern day and age. With a center-mounted handle, the Co-Ax works equally well for both right- and left-handed reloaders. Also, with extensive use, the plate may start to autobus. Been theredone that. There's no pain but plenty of gain. It's so effortless, full length sizing can actually be accomplished by operating the handle of the press with the little finger!.


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