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13 October 2021

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Anna expects to get her tits and pussy painted at least once a week, if not more than that, so she is a little disappointed when I tell her that they won't get painted again until after she eats her dad's cum out of the redhead's pussy. Three weeks before we are to eat the redhead, the special supplies that Anna ordered arrive. They include two pairs of sharp meat scissors, two pieces of thin heat shield in different sizes and a large heat shield, about two feet by four feet. When I ask her what they are for, she asks me a question in return. "How many of my organs do I need to survive for two to three hours?" "I guess all you really need are your heart and lungs, and of course your brain." "All of my medical research agrees with you, so we are going to see if we can keep the redhead alive until after we bite off some of her roasted tits, ass and pussy. I may even see if she can eat my pussy to an orgasm after she rides the spit." 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - I began to whisper to her…..(“..oh fuck me….fuck me good…put it in now…I want it so bad...Samantha fuck me now…”) the words just came out as she held me down. Her cock found it’s way to my entrance. She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her cock all the way in. My pussys squeezed around it and orgasmed again.

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