Sudden Urges-1

25 January 2024

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It must have been a phase of the seasons. Spring was coming. I have been married for years and we stopped having regular sexual interactions a few years back. So, I've been masturbating, reading sex stories, imagining more and more erotic adventures. My wife was away on a trip and I was reading porn and thinking about gay sex today. I was riding a butt plug under my clothes. After trying to convince my wife that she could get used to anal sex, I bought her a butt plug but couldn't convince her to wear it. So, I started using it as an experiment.
One of my neighbors is single and we have joked about being so horny we would fuck a knot in a board. My mind was making poor decisions, my perspective twisted by the sensations flushing through my body. Looking at pictures, videos and having the stimulator in my ass wasn't calming me down. For some reason my body overrode my mind, I couldn't help myself. I picked up the phone in desperation and called my neighbor. He does handyman work and we used him to paint our house recently. "Hey Dennis, how's it going?" He talked for a minute about slow work, no girlfriend and being bored. I listened to him go on while I thought about what to say.
"I called because I know you feel like I screwed you on the house painting project and..." He went quiet on the other end except for a grunt. "...I can't believe I'm saying this. Maybe turn about is fair play?" Dennis snorted, "Yeah right!" I shook and wiggled my ass on the butt plug inserted there in. "You and I have talked about being horny before. Remember? I.. I want to try sex with a guy." The line was quiet for what seemed like forever. My face was flush as I rocked back and forth on the phallus. I continued, "If you would like to, I could suck your cock."
The phone was still quiet. I started wondering what I was doing but wiggling on the plug reminded me. Then I heard Dennis's voice say, "Sure!" in a sarcastic tone and the line went dead. I sat there grinding my ass on the chair with the phone still at my ear wondering what I had done. Then there was a knock at the door and the handle giggled. The door was unlocked and I heard it open as he entered the house. I hung up the phone and stumbled to my feet, my ass clinching the butt plug as I walked.
Dennis locked the front door and headed into the living room where he closed the drapes most of the way. By the time I caught up with him, he was looking me over saying, "Well?" I stared at him and wondered how to proceed. My mind foggy. "Do... Do you like blowjobs?" I asked. He just smiled at me. Then he proceeded to unbuckle his pants and produce his penis. He was average sized and cut. He motioned with his finger to 'come here' and he pointed at his dick which was beginning to thicken.
I stumbled over in front of him and knelt down. I put my hand on his cock at first and rubbed it as it grew. Dennis groaned and said, "Is this your first time giving a blowjob?" I looked up at him and must have had a vacant but urgent look on my face because he didn't wait for me to answer. "Go ahead, lick it!" I opened my mouth and guided his dick towards it. With a gasp I touched my tongue to the head. Oh my god, I'm really going to do it, I thought to myself. This is crazy!
I could taste his skin and some bitterness but I couldn't stop. I rolled my tongue around the head and kissed it. He groaned again, "Put it in your mouth!" I obeyed. The thick meat was warm and slick. I just held it there as I continued to explore the sensation of having a dick in my mouth. My ass clinched against the butt plug and I sucked him in a little further. I felt him push forward, "That's good. Keep going." Again I obeyed and sucked on it like a pacifier, rubbing my tongue on what was in my mouth
I pressed the head against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and slid his shaft out. Then after washing the head with my tongue I opened wide and pulled it in. Again I could feel him pushing with me. His firm meat pushed a little further in and I rubbed it's length with my tongue. He groaned again, "Not bad Bill! You like that?" He pushed in a little again. I felt dizzy and my body shook. Things were starting to melt away. I became unaware of the room. All I could feel was my ass twitching and my mouth sucking. I closed my eyes. The dick in my mouth started moving in and out on its own.
It started pressing up against the back of my throat on each thrust, I gulped. I could feel it as it began forcing it's way in over and over, pressing at the opening to my throat. I remember working it with my tongue and breathing heavy. I reached one hand back and massaged the butt plug which made me even hornier. My body was electric with sensations. Dennis was also breathing heavy and he was enjoying it. He saw me playing with my ass and felt me working feverishly on his meat. He starting to talk dirty, "Come on Bill, you cocksucker. Suck my dick. You want more? Huh? You like that?"
He was pushing hard with each stroke and I could feel it trying to go down my throat. I became weak with the thought and just leaned on his bouncing cock. Dennis kept pumping. He grabbed my hair and pulled me closer. His dick finally making its way past the back of my mouth. I felt a sudden gagging sensation before he pulled back and thrust in again. The gagging sensation faded as he kept thrusting against my throat. I was sucking and working my tongue the best I could as he took over and started fucking my face.
Now I was rubbing the butt plug hard and snorting around his thrusts. I felt so close to coming. This was crazy. I've never done this before, yet it feels so good. His grip on my head became firm and he thrust his cock down my throat until my nose pressed against his pubic hairs. I could feel his big piece of meat down my throat. I couldn't breath but I didn't care at that moment. My hand continuing to stimulate the plug in my ass. Then Dennis spoke up again, "What are we going to do with you Bill?" I thought it was a funny question. Isn't he doing it to me now?
Watching me wiggle my ass as I played with the plug he said, "You ever been fucked in the ASS, Bill?" He was still holding me firm with his dick in as far as it would go. I don't think he wants me to answer while he made short little thrusts. But the thought of his cock replacing the butt plug, fucking me with his dick was surprisingly frightening and exciting. I realized I was running out of air. My ass clinched around the butt plug and I tried to pull away. He was holding firm. "I need to fuck something. And I think you want it. Don't you?" I was still struggling to pull away. He just snickered.
Dennis pulled his meat out enough for me to catch my breath. I coughed and tried to talk. He wasn't buying it and he pushed his cock back in until it reached the back of my throat. This made it hard for me to complain. He started pumping in and out again, always making sure to press against the back of my throat at each thrust. "You suck a good dick. Does it taste good?" I was ok with sucking his cock and shook my head 'yes.' "Yeah. You want to keep going?" Without thinking my body responded without me and I shook my head 'yes.'
He stopped and let me take over. "Keep sucking Bill!" he ordered. I was very weak and pulling off his dick said, "I need to lay down." Dennis looked down at me and pushed his cock to the limit, "Say please." I looked up at him with pleading eyes. He grinned. As I couldn't speak with his dick down my throat, I just started to wiggle my way toward the couch. He released his grip and slid his tool out. He let go of me and pointed to the couch, "Fine! Take off your clothes first!" I obeyed and promptly stripped naked to lay on the couch. The butt plug was firmly planted and didn't lose an inch as I settled on the couch.
Then he knelt down next to the couch and instructed me to lay on my side. He pointed his slick dick at my panting mouth, "Is this better? Pussy! Open wide. I want to fuck your mouth some more." Sliding myself closer to the edge I slid my mouth over his waiting tool. I held it in my mouth and rubbed gently with my tongue. I was tired and out of breath. Dennis laughed, "Come on, suck it! Do I have to do all the work?" He grabbed my head again and pushed me down on his hard rod.
He fucked it deep a couple times before letting go. I took over. My tongue was stroking his shaft and I was bobbing up and down. It felt good and the new position was much more comfortable. Dennis moaned and pushed gently as I got back into a rhythm of tongue stroking and bobbing. It was going in deeper as I worked it myself. Dennis moaned, "That's good. I'm going to like getting regular blowjobs from you." As he said that he ran his hand down my waist then pressed his fingers between my ass cheeks and found my butt plug.
He didn't seem surprised and pushed hard on it. My body jerked and shook. His laugh got murky and dirty, "And fucking your tight little ass!" This I hadn't expected and again I became frightened. My mouth started pulling off his cock. He held my mouth on his dick and kept pushing and rubbing the plug as he laughed. I body shook and kept sucking but my mind was beginning to wonder. He was beginning to thrust into my throat again. Firm and relentless, my body loved it and my mind was swimming.
Dennis was spanking the butt plug as he thrust his man meat into my mouth, "I think you want me to fuck you in the ass. Don't you?" He wouldn't let me answer. "You've been thinking about this for a while I bet. Haven't you? This thing in your ass says yes!" He kept pushing on the butt plug and fucking my mouth. I couldn't answer but my body was answering for me. It was twisting and humping to his every move. My body was sweaty and shaking as I faded into the erotic feelings. Rolling on to my belly, I sucked and bucked uncontrollably.
He slowed down his relentless pumping and laughed, "I thought so. I'll bet you need a good fucking. That's really why you called." Then he pulled the butt plug out. My body shook and I reached back with both hands to rub my ass. I could feel his dick pulsing as he ordered, "Pull your cheeks apart!" As I did, he slid the plug back into place and wiggled it around then pulled it back out. He pushed his dick into my throat and I willing took it. "Wouldn't you rather have a real cock in there?" he said as he pushed the plug back in again and again.
My ass was pushing back as I sucked his meat. I wasn't going to answer, I could only go with it. Dennis was watching me thrash and wiggle, "The only question is, how to do it?" I kept sucking and feeling him playing with my butt plug. My fears had melted into excitement. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and just played with the plug in my ass, "Roll yourself off the couch and get on all fours." As I did he opened the blinds, "I want everyone to know you're my bitch."
Dennis knelt down behind me and pushed his big head against my sore hole. The head popped in and I squeezed my ass in response to the sudden size, "That's good. Nice and tight. Just my size." It was bigger than the plug and the pain shot right through me. He pumped it in and out a couple times before pushing in further. I groaned as I relaxed and pushed back aiding in his efforts. His thrusting increased as he got deeper. When his dick passed the point of no return my body shook and my ass spasmed, "Wow! I think you like it, don't you? Your ass is milking my dick! " All I could muster was a weak, "Yeah..."
His cock was deep and he was pumping it in and out. My body was helping by arching and squeezing. My mind was lost. My body buzzing. I have a cock in my ass. A real cock and it's fucking me in the ass. I'd imagined it before but never thought I would get the chance. Dennis was enjoying the experience, "You're good. I'm really enjoying this aren't you?" Again all I can come up with is a feeble, "Uh huh." My breath becoming ragged and my body sweating as we fucked. His dick now nearly all in.
With the pumping, I continued to push back until we were slapping together and his cock was taking long, full strokes. "Oh God!" escaped my lips as I felt a shudder through my bones, abody orgasm I had never felt before. He was breathing hard and grunting but snickered when he heard me, "Yeah. You're going to be my fuck buddy from now on." My mind looped, am I going to be his fuck buddy? What a I doing? He pushed hard forcing me forward on the cushion until my head bumped into the back of the couch. I turned my head up. His voice spoke sharply, "That's it. Look out the window so everyone can see the look on your face as you getting fucked. I want everyone to know you're enjoying a guy fucking you in the ass!"
My eyes opened. Luckily for me there was no one around today, yet. Still the thought of his words echoed in my mind. Oh my god. I'm my neighbors fuck toy. He wants everyone to see us fuck. What happened? I just had a sudden urge. I don't want to change my life. What have I done? Suddenly I felt his hands grab my waist. He started pulling me against his dick as he thrust harder. I looked out the window again and there was a couple walking their dog. Dennis fucked harder, "There's someone. Wave to them. Go on!" He forced me forward and my head banged into the window.
The couple walking their dog turned to look. "Now! They're looking. Wave!" he demanded. I raised a feeble hand to wave as I tried to smile. I'm sure my face was visible to everyone. All the while Dennis was thrusting his huge meat into my ass. The couple made a quick wave and continued down the street. "You bastard." I muttered between thrusts. "Now you understand." he started. "If you want to keep this quiet, you'll do as I say. Right?" He pushed in hard for emphasis. My body twitched again and again. "RIGHT!?" he demanded. I took a deep breath, my body still shaking from the thrust, "Ok."
He laughed, "Good. Now I want to cum. I'll bet you've been longing for some one to cum in your ass. So, you're going to make me cum." With that he pulled out and pushing me out of the way. Then he hopped up on the couch. He lay down and instructed me, "Climb on. You're going to ride me until I come." I tried to stand, "Can I close the window shade?" He looked at me with a sneer, "What do you think, pussy? Now hurry up. I haven't cum in a while and I've got a big load for you." I clumsily straddled his waist. He made me do all the work putting his cock back into my ass.
My body was weak and I just slid down onto his shaft until I was sitting on his hips. He wiggled his body, "Come on pussy, fuck my dick!" I started to pump myself up and down, gasping and groaning. Dennis was smiling up at me, "Squeeze your ass on my dick. I want to feel you milking me." My ass burned but I started to tighten up on each stroke. I was humiliated but I couldn't stop. It felt so wrong. I could feel his cock head rubbing up and down on my prostate and my own dick started to swell. My body started picking up speed and rhythm.
Dennis was grunting, "That's it bitch. Fuck my cock like you want it! You want it don't you?" With his dick deep in my ass I couldn't say no, "Yes." His hips were pumping with me and I could feel his cock growing bigger, stiffer. The head was big and I could really feel it stroking the inside of me. My body just kept going as I squeezed and jerked on his rod. His body was stiffening, "I'm going to fucking cum in your ass." My dick was hard and waving around as I bounced on his cock. Then I realized someone was walking by I said, "Someone's out there! On the street!"
I started to duck down just as Dennis began squirting his cum deep into my ass, "Oh no you don't! Keep milking my dick and look out the window!" With that he pushed my face towards the window and I crashed into the shade pressing my face and the shade against the glass. His dick was pumping cum in my ass in spurts causing me to bounce against the window. I don't even know if the people saw me in anal ecstasy. I could only feel his cock pumping his jism deep into me. My ass was milking him unconsciously. That's when I suddenly came all over his belly and chest. Dennis grunted and said, "See? You really liked it. Your cumming tells the truth."
He kept thrusting, pumping his hot load of cum into my ass until he was done. I just leaned there against the glass, panting. My god that was good. Dennis looked at me, "Get off me bitch. And get me a towel!" I rolled off and his dick slipped out of my dripping ass. Cupping with my hand to try and catch the overflow I quickly headed to the nearest towel and wiped my ass before returning to Dennis. He just looked at me, "Well, man-pussy? Clean me up!" As I wiped my dirt from his cock and my spunk from his chest, Dennis found the butt plug and pushed it back into place.
My body shook just the same. He just pushed it around in my ass, "We're going to have some fun from now on. Or at least, I'm going to be having some fun from now on." Dennis kept wiggling the plug in my ass, "Suck my cock clean, pussy!" My body trembled as he grabbed me and pushed me towards his limp meat. It didn't matter any more. I was on autopilot. My mouth opened and engulfed the head of his dick. I could taste his cum mixed with dirt. He thrust his hips up as he held my head down pumping his softening meat deeper, "I'll be over tomorrow to see you again. You're going to be ready to do whatever I want. Aren't you pussy?" I nodded yes as I stroked his dick with my mouth and tongue. "Yeah. You're going to be my man-pussy until I'm tired of you. Or else, everyone will know your secret desires."
What have I gotten myself into?

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