"Oh Shit, She's Got a Gun!"

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12 December 2021

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“Oh Shit, She’s Got a Gun!”

__I was trying to find a good porn story to read. Nothing so far as I looked. My front door flew open. In walks this hot looking girl, holding a gun on me.

Oh shit, I’ve done it now, I’ve got a girl so mad at me she wants to kill me. I said: “Aaaa…who are you?….and why are you holding that gun on me, I think you must have the wrong guy, girl.”

She just slowly walked towards me saying nothing. I said: “We need to talk before you pull that trigger. I don’t know if this is about …a…your daughter?…or…your sister?…or whom ever, but I’m sure we can work out something rather than my…death?”

She had these steel blue eyes that were fixed on mine. I put my hands up to show her I wasn’t resisting. She towered over me with her reddish blond hair and turquoise short dress on. She grabbed my hair and held it tight. She pulled my head to her pussy. She parted her legs far apart. She lifted up her dress and was I nose to pussy with a reddish haired bush. No panties on. She whispered: (“…lick..”)

Well that was progress to maybe getting her to put that gun away. I was more than happy to lick her pussy, all she wanted. I slowly took my hands and put them on the sides of her legs. She had very sexy smooth legs. I ran them up and carefully felt her wonderful firm butt cheeks. She jerked my hair and held my mouth tight against her pussy.

I began to lick as she ordered. I felt the cold steel of that gun against my head. She was holding my head and moving it where she wanted it. She moved forward some and my tongue went deep inside her pussy. She rotated her hips as I licked her. I heard tiny moans from her as I licked up to her wet clit.

Well so far, so good. I figured if I pleased her she might forget about shooting me. She started moaning a little louder and slow face fucking me. She had a very sexy hot moan. I thought….that’s it girl, enjoy me and forget all about shooting me. She move forward more. I was sitting in my computer chair and now her leg were over the arms of the chair. She was grinding her pussy on my tongue and moaning.

Ok girl, enjoy yourself, and surely you wouldn’t want to shoot a guy giving you good pleasure.

Just when I thought I had the situation de-fused, she stopped. She stood up and grabbed my hair and stood me up. That gun was still pointed at my gut. I thought about grabbing it, but I thought I better wait for a better opportunity.

She whispered: (“…take your pants off.”) in my ear. Ok girl, no problem except for getting them over my erection. She pulled me hard to her. She put that gun right at my temple. She started licking my wet mouth from licking her pussy. Oh no, she some kind of sex weirdo and she likes the taste of her own pussy. She started tongue kissing me and then licking my mouth more. That gun never left my temple.

Ok, I was enjoying this, except for the gun. She then lifted my shirt up and licked my chest. Now she held the gun on my…(gulp)…erection. She slowly got on her knees. She held my cock and felt it.

Easy with that trigger I thought. She started licking my cock slowly and then… in it went, in her mouth. She started jacking me and sucking. Oh she was good at it and even though I was tense, I enjoyed the sucking. She stopped.

She pulled me down so we were both on our knees and whispered again: (“…unbutton my top.”) I did as I was told with that gun pointed at my balls. She had no bra on and she pulled my head down to her nice big tits. I began to suck on them, assuming that was what she wanted. She slowly leaned herself back onto the rug as I continued to suck her tits. I still felt that cold steel gun on my genitals. She took my hair and pulled my head up to her face. She whispered: (“…make me climax, or it will be the last thing you’ll ever do.”)

I was being raped by a girl. My buddies would never know, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them. It was embarrassing but also very tensely exciting,…’if‘ …I lived through it. All I could think about now was to make her climax.

I slowly reached down and started putting fingers in her wet pussy. I thought…what a good time to grab that gun….but that cold steel pushed against my cock changed my mind. I went for her G spot and began to massage it. I gently rubbed her clit with my other hand.

She seemed to like that and her moans told me is was working. I slowly moved up and replaced my fingers with my cock. She moved the gun and wrapped her legs around mine as I pushed my cock in her. Now the gun was resting on my back as she squirmed and moaned. She moaned out: “…Fuck me good, you bastard. Good and hard.”

Ok girl, your wish is on the way. That gun on my back was plenty of inspiration to fuck her as best as I could. I attack her with tongue kissing her and feeling her tits. “that’s better!” she moaned. “…fuck me faster..”….”…fuck me deeper …do it!” she demanded.

We were now fucking like rabbits in heat. She held that gun on my butt cheek as she pulled me deep in her pussy. Easy girl….easy, I didn’t want to die just yet. I wanted to fuck her and good. She was a wild fuck and I want to cum in her good before I died. “Oh fuck Yes!”, she cried out. It was climax time for her and I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. She squeezed me tight and let out a beautiful moan and just shook. I let go with all the cum I had and kept pumping it in her. She bit my neck and held on tight as we fucked and fucked some more.

I didn’t feel the gun anymore. I wanted to know where it was. As we squirmed and kept fucking I heard it hit the floor. It didn’t go off…(sigh)..


__I was trying to find a good porn story to read. Nothing so far as I looked.

My front door flew open.

In walks this hot looking guy, holding a gun. I reached for my cell phone. He said: “Put that fucking thing down!” I did.

I don’t know how he found me, but it was the guy I raped a week ago. He look like he was not in a good mood. I just had the best fuck of my life with him and he sure didn’t look grateful. I figured wrong. I thought he would like it and enjoy the fucking just as much as I did. I had left him laying asleep with a beautiful content smile on both our faces.

Well…I’m either going to jail or get beat up or something…but it was sure going to be worth it after that day. He knew how to fuck a girl like she likes it. I still get wet just thinking about it. His tongue is the sexiest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth and pussy. I can still taste my own pussy juice on his face. I’ve always want to do that to the right guy. He actually enjoyed it with me. Damn he’s hot.

He walked over to me and I now put my hands up for him. I looked and it was my gun he was holding. I had forgot and left it at his apartment. I was so ecstatic I walked home in a daze that day. He came closer to me. He said: “Here’s your ’fake’ gun back, girl.” and handed it to me. It was a fake, I could never shoot a guy like him….ever.

I had watched him and the girl across from my bedroom window. There was a slot view right into her front picture window. I would watch him and her stand in front of it and he would undress her. He would get on his knees and lick her pussy right in the window.

She leaned her head back and held his head enjoying it so much. I would get so wet watching them I would have to rub my own pussy. Day after day of this was pure torture. I now waited and fingered my wet pussy as I watched her suck on him. He would lean her up against the wall and suck her tits, lick her pussy and then take her to the floor and they would fuck and fuck.

I felt hate for them doing that in front of that window, while I had no boyfriend right now. The ’bastard’ I called him to myself. I wanted to steal him away from her and show him how I would fuck him better that her. I had the better body and bigger tits. I could think of no way to hook up with him….so…I began to think of a way to force him to have sex with me. https://uporn.top/ It was just a hot fantasy at first…then….each time I fingered myself , it became a ’have to’ and it was exciting to think about. I planned it all out a million ways.

I remembered I had a fake gun someone gave me. I went and got it and felt it’s cold feel against my skin. I pictured it against his and him doing anything I wanted him to do.

I had to do it. I watched his apartment and knew he was home. I tried the door….unlocked….I burst in and it began. He looked so hot this close up. I looked at his sexy eyes and my heart was racing. I calmed my self down and walked slowly towards him with my fake gun pointed right at him. The power I felt as he tried to talk me down. I didn’t hear him, he had something I wanted and I was going to get it and right now.

I had never been so sexually excited in my whole life. I could feel my wetness even running down my upper leg. I had on my short dress with no panties on and no bra. I knew that would get his attention. I have big full tits and I watched his eyes check them out, over and over.

Now I wanted ’my’ pussy licked. It was my turn to have him make ’me’ all hot and turned on. It was ’my’ turn to have hot sex.


He leaned his grim face to mine. I felt like peeing my panties. What was he going to do? I was melting looking at his handsome face. He put his hands on my shoulders and lifted me up and out of my computer chair. He walked me backwards to my front door. I was still holding my returned fake gun. He went over and sat in my chair. He looked and me, and now…he began to smile. He said:

“Now,…… let’s do that again.”

It was the second most beautiful night of my life.


Three days later I hear a knock at my door. I look out the peep hole and it’s him. I open up as I get tingles all over. He rushes in. He’s holding a red tipped toy gun. He kisses me so hot I got dizzy and almost orgasmed right there. He orders me to go sit down. He slowly walks up to me and unzips his pants.

He takes out his hard cock. He leans over and gently kisses the side of my face. A thousand chills run thru my body. He puts the toy gun to my head and softly whispers in my ear:


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