Business Trip Fling - Part 2

Author: 85ce961d61

13 October 2021

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Once the guys finished coating me in cum they followed the herd and left me looking like a Kabuki having my face lathered with so much cum I could barely see. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - When Trina and Lisa were finished, they moved to the couch next to me, one on each side and we just collapsed for a few minutes holding each other. “Let’s take a shower and go to bed” said Lisa and we all walked to the bathroom. We all soaped each other up and enjoyed the hot water. At one point Trina was behind me stroking my cock while Lisa and I were kissing. It was awesome. We got out and dried off and got into bed naked. Lisa was in the middle and both Trina and I gently sucked on her milk-filled breasts. I love the taste of her milk and after a few minutes Trina and I had drained her breasts. We all fell into a deep sleep and I did not wake up until around 8AM the next morning.

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