Cobra Kai strikes the final blow with the exciting final trailer of its season 5

16 August 2022

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Netflix shares a new video preview with Spanish subtitles of the new season of its popular series based on Karate Kid: date and synopsis.

We already have the final trailer for the imminent season 5 of Cobra Kai , the popular Netfix series that continues with the adventures of the classic Karate Kid saga . And it does so with an exciting preview with Spanish subtitles that you can see on these lines and that anticipates great confrontations for this new batch of episodes, available from next September 9 . And we already have an official synopsis of this fifth season.

Coba Kai's "merciless" karate returns
“The battle for the soul of the valley may be over, but the war has only just begun. After the surprising result of the All Valley Championship, Terry Silver's Cobra Kai empire continues to grow and try to make his "merciless" style of karate the only one in town. With Kreese behind bars and Johnny Lawrence giving up karate to try and repair the damage he's caused, Daniel LaRusso has to turn to an old friend. Season 5 of Cobra Kai premieres on September 9, only on Netflix”, Netflix Spain has shared as an official synopsis .

And it is that how could it be otherwise, the fifth season of Cobra Kai picks up the final events of season 4, with a Terry Silver who does not stop in his expansion of Cobra Kai, with Kreese dealing with his new situation in jail , with a Johnny who faces his new life away from martial arts and Daniel who has the help of an old friend...

Although one of the most anticipated returns for this fifth season of Cobra Kai is that of Sean Kanan as Mike Barnes , the mythical villain of Karate Kid III . We will see how the new events of Cobra Kai unfold in a season that will surely not be the last...