The Day My Life Chaned_(1)

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11 December 2021

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The Day My Life Changed

Introduction: Well I am your average man mid-twenties 6’ tall about 200lbs. and very athletic. I lived in a very bad part of town most of my life but then was able to move to the more influential side of town after I got my last promotion to Sous Chef at my restaurant. And this is where my life changed so dramatically that it would never be the same.

Chapter 1

Well I just moved in to my new house first time I lived in a gated community and it was nice bi three bedroom

house pool in the back yard cobble stone walkways nice all around house. As I was moving my stuff in one

of the neighbors came over and said hello she was hot about 5’ 9” tall and thick in all the right areas nice had

to be d size tits and a juicy ass that I bet if you slapped it that thing would look like the ocean waves. Not at

all what you would expect from a platinum blonde housewife in the suburbs for sure. So I stopped and talked

with her for a bit and she said if they got to loud over there to just let them know and they would keep it down

she said that her husband does a lot of gatherings for his job at the house and sometimes they get a little out

of control I told her that it was no problem as I worked nights mostly and it would not bother me. She left to

go back to her place and I just stood there watching her ass bounce in those tight jeans as it swayed back

and forth she knew how to walk that’s for sure. So I finished moving my stuff in the house and take back the

u haul to the place and get home and start setting up my new house. So a few weeks go by and I’m sitting at

the house on my day off and I am surfing the net when I come across this webcam site I explore it a little bit

then type in my zip code and it shows local cam models and as I scroll through the site I stop dead in my

tracks as I see my neighbor right there in a sheer nighty and matching thong. I could not believe my eyes so I

set up my DVD recorder and recorded the show I was watching as she played with her pussy and then stuck

the biggest dildo I ever saw in her ass and pussy then licked it clean. She did this for a while smiling and

loving it the whole time. I took the DVD made a copy and put it in an envelope and sealed it. I went across

town to my old neighborhood to talk with my friends I have known for a while and while on that side of town I

mailed the dvd to her so It would not look like I was sending it from next door this way I can have a little fun

and her not think it’s me right off the bat. With the DVD I also put a note in it with and anonymous email name

for her to email if she wanted to keep this a secret. About four days later I see the mailman stop at her box

and I saw my envelope o in it and I knew today was the day I would have my fun not sure how far I would

take it or if she would bite on my threat to show her husband and friends but we will soon see.

About an hour later she pulled in her driveway and checked the mail as she walked up the steps she started

to open it and noticed it was a dvd and letter as she read the letter she looked around seeing if anyone was

watching her then she walked inside and watched the dvd. Moments later maybe like fifteen I received an

email from her with all the required info on it I asked for and a pic of her on her knees naked and the words

CUMPIG wrote on her chest and her phone number. After I seen that it was obviously something she did not

want anyone to know I sent an email back to her telling her to be at the local grocery store in an hour in a

thong no bra short skirt and tight white shirt and to be outside in the back of the parking lot waiting on me to

get there. I got there a little before she did so I would be ready did not want her to see who I was just yet so

I had planned on blindfolding her. So I had a blindfold ready and as I saw her pull in the parking lot I had a

young man that worked there walk out to her and tell her to put this on and someone will be here to get her

soon. She slowly put it on wondering what was going to happen but after she got it on I pulled up and

grabbed her arm and without a word led her to my car and put her in. as I drove away I did not speak she

tried to talk with me but I just kept quiet as she would recognize my voice. As I pulled up to my house and

stepped out of the car I went around and let her out and put her in my garage then with a mask over my face

and the door shut she was un blindfolded and I passed he a note that told her to get on her knees and suck

my cock. She looked scared at first then sank to her knees and started to undo my zipper and pull out my

throbbing 9 inch cock as she slid the head in and out slowly at first then more and more of it went down her

throat. She was not going deep enough for my liking so I grabbed the back of her head and then pushed her

all the way till her nose was buried in my pubes and held her there and listened to her gag and choke as it

was all the way down her throat. I let her head o for a min then proceeded to grab the sides of her face and

thrust my cock in and out as if I was fucking her pussy I facefucked this woman for an hour before I pulled out

and shot my load on her face and it dripped off on to the garage floor. I seen it hit the floor and the look on

her face that she did not enjoy that too much but I did not care and then wrote her another note telling her to

lick my floor clean and the put back on the blind fold she looked up hesitantly then told me she was not going

to lick it up. That pissed me off and I grabbed her hair and forced her face in the puddle of cum and she

licked it up like a dog drinking water as tears ran from her face. I put on the blindfold and took her back to her

car she cried the whole way back and I left her in the parking lot blindfolded and counting to 50 before she

could take it off as I drove away. I got back home and waited for her to pull back in then about twenty minutes

later she got out of her car red faced from crying and ran in her house. I sent her an email telling her it was

not over she was a good girl today and that I would be sending another email tomorrow with instructions for


Well if you like this tell me what you would like her next assignment to be and the best one will be in the next

chapter hope to hear some good feedback.