08 December 2019

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According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), a vital energy called Qi(Chi), is flowing through Living Body, in fixed Pathways, called Meridians. It is the Balanced and regulated flow of Qi in Meridians which keeps the body Physiologically Healthy, Functional and Energetic. When due to some Emotional, Traumatic or Physical causes, a disturbance may happen to this unobstructed and balanced flow of Qi, and this is the time, a disease ensues. An appropriate treatment must be done, to regain the balance and harmony in the flow of Qi, hence to win back Health. Since Centuries in China, Acupuncture has been deployed to re-regulate the flow of Qi, for strengthening the Body enough, to Cure itself and get rid of disease on its own. As Acupuncture needles do not contain any medicine, therefore no medicinal side effects are present
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