16 January 2020

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16 January 2020Views: 5
Welcome to Bitcoinmate Traders Group: The Masters in Auto- Trading Forex and Bitcoin Programs,we offer Auto-Trading websites that generate 100% plus profit per month for our members.
It is not about Auto-Trading websites but we are looking for Investors who will benefit as Shareholders and earn from our company as their investments will be used to generate more income for our company in Forex and Bitcoin Trading Markets:
How to Become a Shareholder Investor and earn Monthly for 12 months:
Choose from any Shareholder Investment below and make payment to our Bank Account and start earning for the period of 12 months,it is simple and they is no need to refer new members - your money is working for you to generate Monthly Income that is paid to your Bank Account:
How to Join: just choose your Shareholder Investment Plan below and Fill the Registration Form,and pay for your Shareholder Plan and you will start earning Monthly:
SHAREHOLDER INVESTMENT PLANS:Investment plus your earnings for 12 months:
Minimum Investment:
Shareholder Investments makes our members to earn monthly direct to their Bank Accounts - the system is designed for the members to earn monthly as equal to the amount of money they have invested as Shareholders.
For example:If you invest R1000 that means you will earn R1000 monthly for period of 12 months,if you invest maybe R50,000 the system will pay you R50,000 for the period of 12 Months- that is How our System works.
Fill up the Registration Form with your Details and copy the Bank Account of the company to make Payment for your Shareholder Investment Plan:
Click the above link and Fill up the Required details and make payment to our Bank Account:
Send proof of Payment to our email address:
Or Fax:0864108869
Or send us an SMS that you have paid to:
Once the payment have been received: you will receive an email plus SMS that gives you the dates of payments for the period of 12 months,therefore after you have paid for your Shareholder Investment: you will need to email us your Bank details to be uploaded to our Payment system as you will be paid for period of 6 months.
⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️If you have not fill up the Registration Form-please Fill up the Form and become a Shareholder:
Shareholders : Monthly Payments!!!
Get our one of our Auto-Trading Website:


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