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18 January 2020

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My Weird Nightmare
We were stuck on an island, there were 4 boys from my class, and some girls too. The boys are Me, Jiyad, Adit, and the last one I forgot. We were a prisoner I guess, we were tortured. The place owner is my mom, and a random man. They were crazy, they torture us for a lot of money.
One day, they decided to use nukes(or a destructive weapon) to torture us. Once we heard the news, we planned an escape route. It all goes smooth, rest of my team do their job, while I was knocked out and still tortured. Having caught that I was doing the escape mission alone, they only torture me. Since I have my phone on me, they checked my contacts. Helena's name is there, She showed me the screen of my phone and said "Since we were trying to make baby, we raped her nonstop!!!" and following with a great laugh of horror. The Random man came in from the metal door, "ah, what a fine woman, and she was enjoying it" he said. I was angry but no way to kill them. After torturing me with words, they let me go. My friends were worried, but I can't stand still. I must find a way out. I didn't go to Helena because I didn't know that she was on the island, and our time is running thin. We came across a corridor, there were several doors, but the one that leads to the garage was door 4-E. We sprint through that corridor, and ducked behind a wall across the garage door. Our distance to the door is 3 meters. I managed to kill a kid scientist while he was coming closer to the garage door. Then suddenly, the alarm turned on. All of the guards were alerted. On the other side of the wall, I saw Rama holding a Deagle and defending a girl behind him. I took the key from the scientist and sprint to the garage. There was 2 ATV's filled with jewelry and money, we took them. Except, I'm riding alone. We were missing one of us. I was going more than 60km/h. I turned my back, to see that my friends, Jiyad and Adit crashed to the side of the rocky road. With the guards pursuing us from behind, I see no way to save them. So I continue driving away, as fast as the ATV can go. I managed to get to a city, and while passing through, There were radiation checkpoints. People were wearing a lab coat. Of course, I drive through the checkpoints, they were some sort of metal detector with 1-5 people guarding it. On the last one, I was stopped by some Scientist. He said, "You have radiation, we're gonna have to remove it from you". Not suprised, I said "Okay, but how?" "Easy, we are going to inject you with some tranquilizer, and we're going to take it out of you." He explains. And I was sitting on a hospital bed, a nurse came to me and spotted my bruises, there was one near my left hand, a medium big one. She said "This is the spot!" and injected me with the tranquilizer soon after. I fell to the bed, losing conciousness every second But before I passed out completely, I saw Helena with other girls. She was calling my name while crying a bit.
I woke up in my room, like it was a dream. and saw that Mabinogi was running on my laptop. "Huh, That was weird." I exclaimed, Then I sat on the chair near my laptop. I talk to Ferghus, the Blacksmith NPC. I noticed that he was very different. My character was the one in my laptop. But the surroundings and even Ferghus himself looked like the mobile version of the game. As soon as I click on him, Everything was going black. It displayed a message that I couldn't remember. I woke up. This time, my laptop was idling. doing nothing. And my phone alarm busting my ear drums. End.



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