Routinalities: Ambition. Consistency. Climbings. Minimalism


25 January 2020

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The author of the book promises a different approach to spending our time, especially our spare time. His approach will accentuate your sense, and assist you to perceive life differently than most people who put a bigger price on false thoughts, do.This book is an analysis of the most common situations in everyday life. The author scatters the book with amusing, and captivating analogies, which will keep the reader's engine running.If you are willing to give up on the despair for being happy by relying on certain standards, if you want to become immune to mediocre people which are focused on intangible life models or intertwined ironies to these standards, if you are looking for reliable solutions of the day-to-day problems where motivation seems to be diminishing, surely this book is for YOU.
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