Things To Know About Certified Translation Services And Agencies Online


24 February 2020

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Certifying a translated document or a certificate is vital for purposes such as immigration, abroad education and more. Yet, a few standards are to be strictly followed in order to get certified document translation services with the best quality and accuracy from a service provider online. The major principles for obtaining a quality-controlled certification result is given below in brief:
• Assessment and Reviewing: The original document or the source file must be thoroughly reviewed for identifying the additional requirements in the process. This will confirm a neat and legible certification procedure.
• Translation: Certified translation services online will hire professionally experienced native language experts to work on the translation. This gives an authentic and error-free result. 


NOTE: It is advisable to hire a translator who is certified and accredited by the American Translators Association (ATA) as the professional will be reliable and proficient enough in both the source and target language for a translation service.
• Proofreading: Following the initial translation, a second opinion from another translator or a linguist’s suggestion is accepted to edit, modify and produce a correct translation. Proofreading the contents ensures correctness and reliability on the certification.
• Certifying and Delivering: The translated copy is sent to the customer or client’s registered email ID and the document is uploaded along with the document which is certified by an official head; a reason why certification is also termed as official translation services.
The difference between cheap certified translation services online and an authentic service provider can be easily assessed and judged upon its first look - the translated copy will be an exact replica of the layout and formatting of the original file or certificate. On quick visual evaluation, even the seals, stamps and marks on the certified document will look similar to the original copy (without translation).
Documents That Require Official Translation Services
Be it personal or professional, depending upon the client/customer’s need, there are a few documents that commonly require certified translation services from companies online. Following below are some of the documents that can be translated and certified from experts:
1. Certificates – Birth, death, marriage, divorce, job experience papers.
2. Educational documents – Diploma, degree, academic transcripts, course materials.
3. Medical papers – Healthcare and toxicology reports, physician’s diagnosis, prescriptions.
4. Utilities – Bills and receipts of telephone, gas, water and electricity sources.
5. Property files – Contractual papers, sworn, deeds, warrants, transfers.
6. Personal documents – ID proofs, validity cards, passports, visas, driving licenses, residence permits. 
A few certified translation services also provide notarization upon individual request. This is however limited based upon the company’s expertise and location. Searching for ‘ document translation services near me ’ or ‘ certified translation services near me ’ on a search engine can help a user to get reputed agencies in and around their region. Still, it is advisable to know about the service provider’s processes, delivery schedules, and the work pattern of how they translate and certify a document online. This also helps customers to get the right value for the money at the end of the service.
Getting a free quote from the service provider, before placing the actual order would be a better option.
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