Earn Bitcoins Daily With OjoooWad


07 March 2020

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Hi, i'm Anthony and here's how i earn money with Ojooo website

First, create a free account here -

How to earn?
Just view ads daily. I advice 2 times a day. Every morning around 7-8am and in the evening 9-11pm. They show a lot of Ads at this hour. Also you can do the offers everyday. Especially Ojooogrid and Wannads.

TIP: Invite friends. Upgrade your account and buy rented referrals to earn big daily.. Start with Economy Lite and buy 200 rented referrals.. You can only buy once every week. So check the referral package.

Once you reach the 200 rented referrals upgrade your account to Economy to increase your referral limit and your earnings.

For questions contact me on Facebook: Thonie NpRador


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