The most effective method to Download Only the Headers for Large Messages in Out


07 March 2020

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Shield yourself from email messages that contain malevolent code, infections, or gigantic picture connections. . It will make your email progressively secure and speed things up impressively. 

Download Only the Headers for Large Messages in Outlook

Here's the manner by which to set up Outlook to download just the subject, sender, and other negligible information for enormous messages that surpass a specific size here for more details :

Open Outlook Mail.

Go to the Send/Receive tab.

In the Send and Receive gathering, select Send/Receive Groups.

Select Define Send/Receive Groups.

In the Send/Receive Groups discourse box, pick the ideal gathering.

Select Edit.

In the Send/Receive Settings discourse box, select a POP3 account from the Accounts list.

Select the Include the chose account right now box.

Under Folder Options, select the Inbox envelope.

Select Download total thing including connections.

Select the Download just headers for things bigger than check box.

Enter the ideal edge size. The default is set at 50KB.

Select OK.

Get the Rest of the Message

Presently, when you select Send/Receive, Outlook just downloads the header data for messages that surpass the edge size.


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