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26 March 2020

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Get paid to shorten a link
How click the link Bellow
Register an account for free
How to start shortening a link
1. Go to your browser copy any link that is popular or any link you want it can be youtube videos website blog post or even your referral link except adult site
2. Go to the your adfly acount paste the link you copied in the shorter box click shorten link and copy the shortened link .
3. Go to your browser paste it again in to your browser wait to load and if there's a pop up block or allow just click block wait for the timer then click skip ad and wait to load to the main destination page for example you shortened YouTube link wait till the youtube load
4. Done wait and get passive income
If someone click the link you shortened you get paid depends in the country...
If the click is from US you get $8- $28 per 1000 views

Get free view using this traffic exchange 100 to 1000 views per day
How ?
1. Click the link regester an acount its free you can upgrade if you want
2. Free acount 3 website only you can add
Click website add your shortened link then scroll down add per view in your link you have to pay points .
3. How to get points just click exchange traffic
4. Done easy
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