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22 May 2022

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A router gives you the ability to work from pretty much everywhere. A wireless printer router in the same way allows you to access your printer wherever you are. This is very advantageous as before this was invented even if you worked on the road you would still need to go home or to the office to get your work printed, now you will still need to pick up the printed copy but you will not have to waste time connecting your laptop with cables and all of that. The wireless printer router allows you to just go and pick your work up off the printer. This offers you more efficiency as you work will always be waiting on you in your office. So if you have a meeting or a presentation that you need materials for then you don't have to walk around with them and risk losing it all or messing them up with your morning coffee. You can simply send them to the printer and by the time you step out of the elevator all your documents will be ready and waiting for you. It is also useful if your meeting or presentation has started and you find that you have missed something. You won't need to leave the meeting to run down the hall to pick it up off the printer, you can just print the material needed along with a note to your secretary to bring you the material and no one may even notice!

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