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27 April 2020

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Sports of the Army - Are You Going to Join the Army Or Not?
Are you a guy, an overweight girl or sports unlikely? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the first thing that I recommend you do is to quit your job and join the army! OK, I know that sounds like the plot of a horror movie but it really happens. I am talking about going to the army and having fun !

But when you are in the army, there are lots of fun things that you can do. You can attend outdoor games such as football, soccer, rugby and cricket. There are also tournaments for both men and women where you can compete. These may not be as high on the list as joining the army but they are still fun.

So what exactly are the sports that you can take part in? Well, football is probably the most popular and most widely played sport in the UK. It includes: American football, basketball, rugby and hockey. For the men, they have the much more traditional "football" game. Women have an entirely different game called volleyball

Of course, the team that wins the most games of rugby in the UK is the winners of the world cup. It is a team game involving teams of both men and women. Soccer is another popular game that you can play with the guys. And who can forget the one and only football - and its sister game - soccer.

Whilst this is certainly not the only team sport you can take part in, it is still a great way to work on your long term fitness training. It is great for working on your core strength and getting your strength to build up.

Most team games involve some element of challenging each other to get a goal. One team will try to get the ball to the other side and the other team tries to stop them. While this can get a bit boring quickly, it is actually quite interesting and gives you a chance to see how far both teams will go to get the ball.

The important part to note here is that team games should always be fun. They should be played with enjoyment rather than being just a competition to see who can get the most points. As a sport, football and rugby are good for this but it should also include women's team games as well.

In addition to team activities, there are plenty of other activities you can do in the army. There are many indoor and outdoor sports that you can participate in. As well as all the activities that you would find in a regular military environment, there are a number of extra activities such as sand volleyball, kayaking and others.


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