The Property Problem

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13 October 2021

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By the end of dinner the three of us adults had a pretty good buzz going. We told the kids to go shower and get ready for bed. The adults wanted some time alone to relax. They knew they didn’t have to go to sleep but they knew that meant to stay inside. After we cleaned up Stacey and Ash got into their bathing suites, or so I thought. They both came out in wraps and I just assumed they had something on underneath. I poured the girls a large glass of wine and grabbed myself another beer before heading to the hot tub. When I got outside I almost dropped the drinks, there was my wife and her sister naked and in the hot tub. “So have you had enough to drink yet?” Ash asked me, eyeing my crotch. “I can see your cock wants to join the fresh air party in here.” 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - She cupped her breasts, liked and played with them while she was getting pleasure out of the exhausted real estate agent who made the mistake of entering her home off-guard. She then reminded him that when he exploded, she wanted it all over her face. He did as he was told and obeyed. In a little while, he blew his big load all over her face, just so she could swallow every tasty drop. The last thing he remembered was her standing up and squishing his balls under her foot, knocking him out cold...

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