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03 May 2020

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21/ as when it stings person it cant pull the barbed stinger back and it leaves behind not only the stringer but also a part of its abdomen and digestive part
22/ a)you can see the bees while working. b)but also it can not be safe for children to handle bees
23/ the queen which can live anywhere and when it dies all bees in her hive stop working. the workers which are active and responsible for build cells of wax for their honey. The drones which are driven from the hive so that they don't eat the honey they didn't gather
24/ No, because it is not dangerous but it is not safe because of the great pain they will feel after handle them
25/ الضحك هو افضل علاج . لقد اثبت الباحثون ان الضحك له الكثير من الفوائد . فانه يريح الالم و يساعد في الجهاز المناعي ويقلل الضغط و ينشط الهمرونات و يجعلنا سعداء
26/ the efforts which are done for improving the living standards can be achieved only by the cooperation between the people and the government so the good citizen is the person who does his duties and take his rights


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