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03 May 2020

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the best way to manage free time.

The time is one of the most important blessings of God Almighty upon us. Time is the means that if used optimally, the output was amazing with all the meaning of the word. Time used in the right way would elevate man to the highest levels in work and life.
Time management is a human priority, this management at the day, week, or month level requires a period of time that is extended or shortened according to the amount of time a person needs to perform all his essential tasks,  this time period is known as leisure time.
Leisure is the time during which a person can take a rest, pay attention to himself, take care of himself. Anyone who does not have enough space of time to practice his activities ,will necessarily lives in a state of misery. Life that goes in one direction will be dull, cruel, and human may lose his humanity if long-term.
Many people consider leisure time is a very negative thing, thinking that the existence of such a time is a gateway to the fall of man in the quagmire of vices, lusts, moral and behavioral deviations.
But who is raised on virtues, and who knows himself, and knows his goal in life always seeks to employ every minute of his life in the useful things.
It is necessary to raise up the rising generations, instill in them values ​​and principles, help them to respect themselves, and to make use their time, money and bodies in all that is useful.
Among the most prominent activities that some people like to spend leisure time in are: Volunteer work, sports, wor


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