How to get a discounted daycare glider


18 May 2020

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When it comes to nursery furniture, it's hard to beat a glider rocker for comfort. And like most expectant parents, you want the best you can afford. One of the few things you will feel better about than sitting in your new sea of ​​comfort will be knowing that your nursery glider is on sale.

To slide or not to slide?

It is the middle of the night and you are feeding your newborn. The house is quiet. it's just you and your beautiful baby, gliding from side to side in a relaxing motion. The scene is set for an easy transition back to bed.

There are a few differences between traditional swinging and sliding that are worth considering. The rolling action in a classic rocking chair is choppy, especially compared to a glider. When gliding, you go back and forth in a straight line, while curved runners in a regular rocking chair make you move back and forth as if you were on a swing. Gliders also move on ball bearings; The movement is very smooth and remarkably quiet. A classic rocker tends to be quite loud on a non-carpeted floor. This may seem like a minor point. However, considering how much time he will spend in this chair, pacifying a child, the creaking of the runners can become annoying. Also, a glider's arms will likely be padded, an important consideration for any chair you will sit in while holding a baby.

And then after the nursery has been converted into a bedroom, your glider will blend in well with the rest of your furniture. Move it into the living room and watch TV comfortably. Transfer it to a study or family room and relax while knitting or reading. There will still be life when you no longer need it as a nursery chair.

Save money on a new glider

If you're like most new parents, chances are you went to the glider section of a big baby store and picked one out before signing up. You probably expected someone else to buy it, because in all likelihood it was quite expensive. It's possible to find a new daycare glider for sale online for much less than the retailer, and send it to your home for free


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