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03 May 2016

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Outfit/appearance requests

- Dressed up as Murakumo Kai Ni from KanColle ( )
- In this pose and outfit, but with handbra instead of an actual bra; preferably blushing heavily ( )
- Character development
- Dressed as Hestia but with boots instead of sandals ( )
- Wearing an open shoulder sweater dress
- Wearing nyangerie
- Wearing the Favor Set from Dark Souls 1 ( )
- Dressed as the Commando from Risk of Rain ( )
- Dressed as Horizon Ariadust from Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon ( )
- Dressed as Killy from Blame! or in an outfit of your choice from Nihei's works ( )
- Wearing a bunnysuit that exposes her midriff or has coattails. ( ) Perhaps while grinding ontop of a large carrot plushie and looking smug all the while.
- Wearing Mirage's pilot suit ( )
- Wearing Helena's outfit or something equally frilly. ( )
- Dressed as either Maimai or Lovepon ( )
- Naked apron
- Sling bikini
- Wearing a suit
- Dressed as Felt
- Alternate hairstyles, with or without the help of hair accesories. For example, using hair clips to sweep her bangs to one side, using a headband to pull back her bangs and show her forehead, braiding her side bangs or just one side, wearing a ponytail instead of twintails, etc etc.
- Wearing this dress
- Wearing this swimsuit

Action/expression requests

- Being subtly yandere
- Trying to play the piano, preferably saying something along the lines of "If even you can learn to play this, then surely I, an elite, can as well!"
- Being smug
- Napping peacefully
- Pouting
- Pinching anon's cheeks
- Getting her cheeks pinched by anon
- Blushing heavily after being told she's cute
- Being compliment bullied
- In a comedy duo with anon, Anastasia being the tsukkomi and anon being the boke
- Putting on a pair of half frame black glasses

Fetish stuff? Who cares? Who'd even draw this?

- Stepping on anon saying, "To think you'd be into this kind of thing."
- General femdom
- Bondage (either anon being bound or Anastasia or both)


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