Stepson Matt...What Next?

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12 December 2021

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Matt was laying next to me. He had slipped his tight white briefs back on after our regular session of hot sex. I was still in my first trimester, so I wasn't really showing yet. Matt seemed more turned on than ever. The sex was even hotter with him - if that was even possible. He seemed to consider it a badge of honor that he was able to knock me up with his potent cum. He was still fucking Mrs. Miller on a regular basis. Although, she was also fucking the college boy that was cutting her lawn for the summer. Matt told me that she also fucked a few of his friends from the football team. So, it was clearly still all about the dick for Susan. It was Labor Day weekend. John was out of town again. I still hadn't decided what to do about the fact that I was pregnant. John was home a few days ago, but claimed he was too tired to fuck. It was the Saturday before Labor Day and John found an excuse to go out of town on Friday. Matt made it home late Friday, which translates into about 2am early Saturday morning. He came right upstairs and slipped off his basketball shorts and t-shirt and crawled into bed with me.

It wasn't long before I opened my eyes and felt Matt's muscular body easing on top of me. He started kissing me all over - including on my belly. I returned the favor and licked my way down past his 8-pack abs - which were more solid than ever - right up to the waistband of his briefs. I cupped his engorged balls with my hands and started rubbing and massaging them. Matt let out a moan as his cock expanded to full length. I playfully pulled his briefs down as his cock sprang out. He kicked them off and got on top of me and eased his huge cock into me. After a few hours of hot sex, Matt and I fell asleep together. In the morning, he apparently had gotten up to take a piss and slipped his briefs back on and crawled back into bed with me.

Matt was still sleeping when I woke up. We had kicked off the sheet during the night and I just stared at his body in the early morning sunlight. Matt was more developed than ever. He had amazing pecs and even when he wasn't flexing, his arms were well-defined and muscular. His 8-pack was more defined than ever. His thighs were like tree trucks. He had muscles everywhere. My eyes made it to the bulge in his briefs. Even though he was soft, Matt was still a big boy. His soft cock was laying off to the left. His mushroom head was clearly defined. His balls were nice and big, even though he was still completely soft. As Matt continued to sleep, I rested my hands on his soft cock and couldn't help but think about how his powerful seed had found it's way to the right spot inside of me. I thought about all the girl's Matt has fucked during his short lifetime. He had literally spewed out so much cum out of that powerful cock of his.

Matt's cock felt warm as I ran my hands over it through his briefs. Matt slowly woke up and it wasn't long before I felt his cock stir and start to inflate to its impressive length and girth. "What are we going to do," I asked Matt as I stroked his cock through his briefs. "We'll figure it out," Matt said as he let out a gasp. "Why don't you just leave him and move in with me," Matt said as he positioned himself on top of me. "I don't know," I said while grabbing onto Matt's muscular back. "It's been over with John for months. He's so distant and I know he's with other girls, but if he finds out you did the deed...," I said as Matt kissed me before I could finish the sentence. "We'll figure it out. I promise," Matt said while kissing my neck.

"Hey, why don't you go back to school," Matt suggested as dry humped me with his briefs still on. "Seriously," I asked as Matt slipped his tongue into my mouth. "Yeah. You do it babe," Matt said as he looked right into my eyes. I never had anyone have that much confidence in me before. I still wasn't sure that Matt fully grasped the concept that he was going to be a daddy though as I felt his huge cock rub up against me through his well-stretched briefs. "I'm going to tell him I'm leaving him next time he comes home," I said as Matt kissed me on the neck and right between my breasts. "He doesn't deserve you," Matt growled as he licked my stomach. "I don't know Matt. We have a lot to work out here," I said in my final attempt at a serious conversation before I finally gave in and eased Matt's cock out of the confines of his briefs. "It will be alright," Matt said with his mushroom head nestled against my pussy. "I hope so," I said as Matt eased his huge cock inside of me.

About a week later, Matt was back at school and busy with football. John was due home that day. I had worked up the courage to finally tell him that I was leaving him. John got home around 6 or so. I had dinner ready on the table and had on a nice dress that still managed to conceal my stomach. After having a polite dinner together, John went into the living room to relax. After cleaning up, I came in and sat with John. "I have something to tell you," I finally blurted out. "What," John asked as he held the remote in his hands and flipped through the channels. "I'm pregnant," I said matter-of-factly. "And it's not mine," John said. "What makes you...," I started to say. "I know you're screwing Matt," John said. "It's not like you haven't been getting some elsewhere too," I responded as I stood up and walked away from him. "I'm not going to yell," John said. "Just get out," he added. "What," I asked. "You heard me. Go be with my son if that's what you want. I get plenty of pussy on the side anyway. Those bitches are way better than you. I don't fuckin need you. Go hop up on my son's dick until he gets tired of you," John said as he headed towards the front door. "I'll be back in a few days. Be out of here by then," John added before he slammed the door and left.

To be honest, John's reaction was more restrained than I thought it would be. I decided to take Matt up on his offer to move into his apartment. This decision wasn't without its awkward moments. Matt had a roommate and there wasn't much room in their off-campus apartment. I had to put most of my stuff in storage. John's lawyer contacted me and informed me that I basically get nothing. I had money of my own saved up in a bank account I kept private from John, so I knew that would hold me over for a while. Matt was more understanding than I thought he would be. I mean, what college jock wants his ex step-mom that he knocked up to be living with him and his roommate? Matt continued to encourage me to go back to school to get a degree and show up "that prick," as John now referred to his dad. I seriously considered going back to school, but I wanted to at least wait until I had the baby.

A few months later, I was showing. Thankfully, winter was coming and I was able to conceal my growing belly with sweaters and over-sized tops. The living situation had developed into a steady routine. I cooked the meals for Matt and his roommate and even did the laundry and other stuff. I felt guilty about taking up space in Matt's apartment, but he remained supportive. As for the sex, I was there about a week or so when Matt crawled into the fold out sofa bed I was sleeping on. His roommate was spending the night over his girlfriend's house and Matt was especially horny. I figured that out when he walked into the living room and stood by the sofa bed in just his briefs. His huge erection showed that he still found me attractive, even while pregnant. It didn't take long for Matt to start kissing me before assuming his usual position on top of me. "I thought maybe you were tired of me," I said as Matt eased his engorged cock into me. "Never," Matt said with that sexy grin of his. After the last blast of his warm cum sprayed inside of me, I asked Matt what our plans are when the baby comes. "Maybe we can get a place of our own," Matt said while I was resting my head on his chest. "Maybe," I said while trying to push aside my doubts.

A week later, I came into the apartment and heard the sounds of a squeaking bed. I figured Matt had brought some girl home who wasn't the size of a beached whale. I quickly realized that the sounds were coming from Jason's room. The door was slightly open and I peaked in and saw Matt's roommate on top of some woman. They were going at it pretty good. Jason was almost as buff as Matt. He was a year younger, but he still had bulging muscles and - judging by what I was witnessing now - a decent ass. It wasn't looking to get into anything with him though, so I started to ease away from the door when I heard a familiar voice. "Fuck me harder stud," I head the woman's voice scream. "You got it baby," Jason declared as he plowed away. I took another peak and realized that the woman was Mrs. Miller.

I told Susan that I had left John and I knew she fucked some of Matt's friends, but I didn't know she was still doing his roommate too. Matt said they had fucked once, but she said it was only a one-time thing. I guess she decided to get some more. I was kind of relieved that she moved on from Matt. I was actually amazed at Jason's stamina as he picked up the pace even more. I headed off to the kitchen to put the groceries I bought away and could clearly hear the bed banging against the wall as Susan screamed "don't stop mother fucker, give it to me stallion" at the top of her lungs. A few minutes later, I heard Jason let out a huge moan as Susan yelled for him "to keep going." The sound of the bed still banging let me know that he did as he was told. I decided to sneak out and give them a chance to finish up.

I came back about an hour later and Susan was standing in the living room and clearly on her way to leaving. "Wow, surprised to see you here," I said. "Oh, I was just checking out your apartment," she said while fixing her blouse. "I see," I said with a smile. "So, how's Jason," I asked. "Amazing," Susan said while licking her lips. "What was that," I heard Jason say from a distance as he was walking out of the shower. I glanced over and saw a naked Jason walk into the living room. "Oh, hi there," Jason said. He made no effort to conceal the huge hard dick swinging between his legs as he finished drying himself. "No classes," I asked. "Nope, canceled today," Jason said as he wrapped the towel he was holding around his muscular torso. "I gotta get home anyway," Susan said as she playfully smacked Jason's ass and undid his towel so that it dropped to the floor to reveal his still hard dick. "That bitch is a freak," Jason said as he reached down to pick the towel up and wrap it back around himself. "I've heard," I said while heading back to the kitchen area. "I guess I'll go put some clothes on," Jason said with a smile.

I went to a doctor's appointment later that afternoon. I met Susan afterwards to get a bite to eat and catch up on stuff. Susan told me that she's been fucking Jason on a regular basis for a few weeks. She reluctantly told me that another woman had moved in with John. Susan said she has been talking to her to get "the dirt" on what's going on. "Her name is Jessica and she's not much older than Matt," Susan said. "She claims that John is an animal in bed," she added. "I guess he's back on the Viagra," I responded. Susan and I laughed and moved on to other topics while we finished up our burger and fries.

"I can't believe he fuckin did that," Matt said I was walked in the door of the apartment. "What's wrong," I asked. "My fuckin prick of a dad isn't paying for my college anymore," Matt said. "It's my fault," I said as I went to the kitchen to make dinner for the boys. "No, it's not. It's my dad who's the asshole," Matt said as he came into the kitchen to help fix dinner. "Maybe I could talk to him. This isn't right," I said. "Nah, it'll be alright. I kick ass at football so I think I can swing a full scholarship to finish school." I told Matt that I could pitch in with expenses until he secured those arrangements. He just kissed me and told me not to worry. "Susan told me she's fucking your roommate," I casually told Matt. "Yeah, I know. Jason said he ran into you." "You're way hotter," I said with a smile as I playfully smacked Matt's ass with a spatula. "You know it babe," Matt said with that sexy grin of his.

By the time Christmas break came, Matt had secured a full scholarship up to and including his graduation. As long as he kept up his grades and kept up his skills on the football field, he would be good. I was relieved that Matt had figured all that out. It wasn't right for John to take out his anger on his son. Susan told me that John's ditzy new girlfriend was actually pregnant too. Apparently, she was also getting some on the side from just about every young guy in the neighborhood. Susan knew for a fact that she had fucked the pool boy and the pizza guy. I knew I wasn't an angel, but at least I didn't spread it around that much. Part of me felt relieved that John was stuck with a cheating whore that was also knocked up with his baby. I know I'm skating on thin ice by gloating, but it did give me some satisfaction to know that all was not perfect in John's so-called relationship. Susan also managed to find out that Jessica wasn't happy with the fact that John was starting to find reasons to go out of town and stay late at the office. It wasn't going to be easy for him to ditch the hoe since she was knocked up with his baby.

I was in Matt's bedroom on the day after classes ended. Matt was just as frisky as ever, even though I was clearly showing now. "You sure this won't hurt the baby," Matt said as he eased his huge cock inside of me. "It's fine," I said. I had done some research to confirm that sex is just fine during pregnancy. It was definitely true that being pregnant makes you horny. I couldn't get enough of Matt as he picked up the pace. Matt had developed an amazing stamina. He was able to hold back for about a good 30-45 minutes before finally blowing his load. Matt just finished cumming and was going for round two when we heard some noise from the living room. It sounded like Jason had invited a girl back with him. "Fuck me now stud," I heard the girl demand as Matt eased his cock back inside of me. "Forget about them" Matt said with a husky growl in his voice. "Oh God you're fucking huge," the girl screamed as Matt kept pounding away. Even though it was mid-December, sweat was dripping off of our bodies as Matt picked up the pace. "I fuckin love you babe," Matt declared just before he blew another load into me. It had been awhile since I heard those words from him. It was comforting to hear. I still wondered what would happen once the baby came.