Compilation of videos of rioters eating shit


01 June 2020

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Compilation of videos of rioters eating shit

I did not create this compilation.

Posts from thread: NYPD Driving into violent crowd Store owner defends store with shotgun Rioter gets "trashed" by other rioters Trump supporters defend their wrangler Fatass tries to knock out butterbean cop, gets laid out instead NYPD driving into rioters different angle Rioter sets himself on fire Brats get shot with pepperballs for not obeying curfew. Fed Ex overnight delivers violent thug to his maker

Some More: Article about the guy burning himself

this one is old but gold: Antifa terrorist realizes this isn't call of duty Lady in minivan backs over rioter Rioter gets his shit pushed in, literally for some reason. dude with Parkinson's tremors tries to disarm a trained riot officer, doesn't go well NYPD with the takedown and arrest of guy standing on police SUV (fixed link) cops in Brooklyn kicking ass, tosses some wimp like a ragdoll while arresting another guy Lanky fuck tries to throw hands with a cop, gets knocked on his ass and cries "get them off me!" like a little bitch. No one helps him. Maybe my favorite so far... rioter attacks a guy in a car, then decided to turn his back on the pissed off guy in a 2 ton suv cops bust up a tear gas relief station Some bone crushing tackles by cops and a bunch of arrests lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground xir gets a little kick from cops. Twitter comments arguing about what pronouns to use lol. looter doesn't look where he's going Rioters are tough until the guns come out! This ones great! Rioter gets nailed with rubber bullet then tear gassed while he’s down. Alternate title: Pussy getting drilled (POV)

Here’s a reddit (barf) thread of videos. I don’t have time right now to look through it so it would be great if people could find the good ones and post them in the comments: Rioter gets shoved to the ground hard Two Points! Looter gets run over and gives the driver a free scooter! Nypd cracking skulls JR Smith (NBA player) beats the shit out of rioter who smashed his truck Rioter plays chicken with a cruiser and loses


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