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02 June 2020

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My story is a personal one of self-discovery of the wonders of plant herbs and its beneficial impact on your mind and body. As one of five siblings growing up in a rain forest in Malaysia, my formative years played a lasting influence of the impact of healing plants and herbs on my health. I’ve grown up having healing fixes from herbal therapies as these herbs grew abundantly in our lush garden. My mother used herbs to treat minor ailments, for instance, if I felt nauseous, my mother would prepare a concoction of ginger and turmeric boiled in coconut milk to settle my stomach.  turmeric tablets with black pepper  Alternatively, she would make moringa curry to overcome stomach upsets, ginger for colds and the list goes on.
I developed Type 2 diabetes late in life and looked into herbal remedies and a plant-based diet to keep my diabetes at bay. Currently, I am on a medication called metformin which I take everyday to regulate my blood sugar levels. health benefits of turmeric
After researching and spending extensive hours poring over articles on the wonders of plant herbs and ayurvedic herbs, I invested in a capsule maker kit, purchased empty capsules (vegetarian) and organic herbs in bulk (powder form) all from UK registered companies which have tested these herbs for pesticides, herbicides by its very nature is organic. I decided to come up with a formulation that seem to work as evidenced from the experimental results. brain booster
My health improved dramatically and I am happy to say my Type 2 diabetes is in remission as a result of my lifestyle changes, a plant based diet, exercise and herbal supplements. My doctor has taken me off my medication as the results of my blood tests were very encouraging.



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