Fire Protection Contractors


02 June 2020

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Industrial fire protection contractors not only provide industrial coating services to protect your steel structures against corrosion, but they also provide fire protection measures to protect properties and assets from combustion. Thus, it is also a fire protection contractor. In most cases, they also inspect your potential fire outbreak properties and take necessary action to reduce or even prevent these risks from happening.

In detail, some of the most common fire protection needs are:

Structural Steel - Fire protection contractors spray the steel with specialized coating to ensure that it does not reach the critical 540 degree Celsius mark and will check whether the structure is covered with at least one layer of protective concrete or fire retardant solution.

Electrical circuits - They check for short circuits and make sure the wiring and components do not reach 140 degrees Celsius.

Liquid Petroleum Gas Containers and Pipes - Full inspection is done and containers are checked for leakage and B.L.E.V.E. which stands for boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion. They also cover it with a fire retardant solution. Coatings for the gas container and the pipe industry are an absolute must because of the hazardous materials contained.

Pipe bridges and vessel skirts in oil refineries and chemical plants - The refinery industries will not pass their regular inspections and may be closed on a monthly basis for certain unmet requirements. The goal of a fire protection contractor under these potentially deadly conditions is to inspect and coat critical pieces of machinery or pipes in contact with flammable materials. Again, it is important to ensure that the structure does not reach up to 540 degrees.

Traffic Tunnels - Vehicles carrying flammable materials can quickly raise the temperature of a tunnel. If it gets too hot, a fire may occur, so contractors line the tunnels with protective concrete to prevent it from burning.

Most fire retardant contractors rarely or no longer use asbestos for fire protection because it turns out to cause asbestosis, a deadly lung disease. Instead, they use light endothermic materials, such as plaster, perlite, vermiculite, and Pyrocrete 241 to help structures absorb a significant amount of heat.

Some of the leading fire protection contractors will partner with companies such as Carboline for fireproof structures. Often, they will implement the Nullfire Intumescent Fireproofing system using Pyrocrete 241, the industry's leading fire protection material. Industrial fire protection contractors are needed throughout the world to perform these types of coatings. Carelessly stored materials and leads to catastrophic disasters that can harm the environment and people in the surrounding areas. Every time a company deals with something dangerous, it is always a must to contact a fire protection professional to cover them and clothing that prevents accidental fire.


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