Energy savings are a reason to call an insulation contractor


02 June 2020

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It may be one of the best decisions you can make regarding cutting your energy bills by contacting an insulation contractor. Houses that have not added any insulating material within the last ten years will most likely benefit from the addition, though any home can realize the benefits of upgrading the quality and quantity of the product. You may not be able to get the energy company to cut costs, but you can reduce the amount of heat and air conditioning you need.

The effects of air leakage

One of the reasons to contact an insulation contractor is to reveal the risk of air leaks. When air can get in and out of the home, it can lead to potential problems, including significant energy loss. For example, during the summer months, your air conditioner works hard to maintain a constant level of climate in the room. Air leaks allow two things that can potentially happen. The cooled air escapes through these holes and gaps. Hot air comes in. In either case, the system has to work harder to cool the room again. It costs money. These leaks often occur in the ceiling.

heat Exposure

Another risk to deal with is the risk of home heating. Eg. Builds the heat in the attic during the summer months, and even with proper venting it can increase the temperature of any home by several degrees. When properly insulating material is in place, this is less likely to occur. The material helps create a barrier that keeps warm air out and cool air in. The opposite happens in the winter months when it blocks cold air from entering the home.

Saving money means it's comfortable

At the same time that you are saving money by blocking these air problems, remember that you are also improving your comfort level. Suddenly turning the thermostat to 72 degrees is not necessary to keep the home feeling comfortable. Rather, you can keep it taller and still maintain a comfortable feel because the climate is better controlled. This can also reduce wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems, which can save you money in the long run.


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