Responsibilities of the security guard


08 June 2020

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Protecting and serving people, security guards are the direct target for theft prevention. By working on a number of job duties, such as patrolling and inspecting properties, you will also be protecting against fire, terrorism, theft, and criminal activity. Security guards are often the first on the scene to defend their employer's residence, deter criminal situations, and ensure that home and property laws are enforced. Proper security training is the starting point to become a future guard.

A typical day

Using radio and telephone communications, security officers spend their shifts ready to make a call for assistance in the event of a fire or emergency medical problem. Any incident that occurs on each work shift is recorded in a log book or printed in a complete document that highlights your observations and the situations that occurred on your shift. In specific locations, security guards may need to interview witnesses or even testify in a courtroom.

Although the profession can certainly be described in basic terms, the size and location of the organization can decide what responsibilities a security officer can be expected to perform on a regular basis. This assortment of tasks is commonly addressed during Guard Card Training. Many shopping malls and theaters have recently chosen to employ protective gear to monitor parking lots and protect customers from theft. With a department store, a security officer can help stop thieves and protect the cash register deposit.

On the other hand, security officers are trusted to protect property. These people may be required to monitor CCTV cameras or to walk around the property at night. The guards in these areas should meet all frequent guests at the facilities and apprehend illegal offenders who do not belong in the area. Like this job, security guards inside a medical center or in a courtroom are often expected to check incoming people and stop criminals from entering. Using technical devices and metal detectors, all these guards can examine site visitors for explosives and weapons.

Understanding the work

Each security guard goes through a period of security officer training time before they can begin their first day on the job. Many states require security guards to be licensed before starting work. Accreditation involves a criminal background check, in-class training, probable drug testing, and an age requirement of 18. The guard card training conducted within the classroom will explain how to deal with crisis situations, property rights, and how adequate to maintain custody of a suspect.

In states that don't require such extensive security training procedures, business employers are often the people to make sure every security guard gets up to speed. Several companies that hire unarmed guards do not have precise education prerequisites, although a bachelor's degree or higher may increase the chances that a prospective employee will get the job. Armed guards in particular must possess a driver's license and extensive work experience. Since armed guards must possess a weapon during the work shift, they must be licensed by the government and receive special certification. Although these opportunities require more responsibility, they will provide a higher level of pay.

Those who want a job and begin their security guard training can expect to undergo a criminal background check and fingerprints. Job applicants must be in good physical shape and have a decent benchmark. Immediately after they are on the job, almost all companies will proceed to provide specialized training to incoming security guards. It may include crisis prevention, communications, first aid, and newspaper writing.

Occupational Health & Safety

Security guards typically work 8-13 hour shifts, 4-5 days a week. During this period, most security officers will spend a considerable amount of time on their feet while observing the area. Although much of their work is routine, guards must always be prepared to face any real danger that may arise,


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