Are you late? I know how to help you deal with this


08 June 2020

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There's a general consensus that people who are late just don't know how to calculate time and get together for a long time. That's what we see on the surface, but the real reason always lies deeper.

Diana De Lonzor, author of "An Easy Way to Stop Being Late", found out why some people find it so hard to be on time. It turns out that there are only seven types of people who are constantly late and the same number of methods to combat unpunctuality:


This is a man who constantly loses the battle with time, but confidently dumps the blame for it on the naughty children, or broken watch mcessay reviews. When it comes to interpreting time, people who are inclined to be late show the true wonders of rationalization and convincing arguments.

A rationalist needs to realize that being constantly late is only his choice. If he changes his attitude to reliability and punctuality, his behavior will also change.


You just have to move faster, and I'll be able to do both... That's what manufacturers usually say. These people are trying to squeeze as much business into every day as possible. They plan their time in such a way that there are as few free minutes as possible.

The manufacturer needs to slow down the running and start realistically estimating how many cases can be done in one day. It is important to understand that waiting is not a terrible and unpleasant thing to do, but on the contrary, a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy life.

**A lover of deadlines**

To achieve something, he has to race against time. The idea of coming somewhere calm and without fuss is badly combined with his love for thrills, adrenaline in the blood and the rapid pace of life.

A lover of deadlines should start to do the usual daily business in advance and get rid of the habit of postponing everything to the last moment.

Committed to his desires

A man of this type can lie in bed in the morning for an hour or two to please his whim. Before leaving the house, consciously or not, he decides to have another cup of coffee or to change the toilet part.

The one who indulges in his desires does not realize that it is extremely important to learn to give up what he likes in favor of what he wants to do, even if he does not want to. Only in this case you can keep up with everything.

A distracted professor

The people of this warehouse are always immersed in their thoughts. Most often they are smart and hardworking, but too distracted. They live in their own world, which causes them constant difficulties in ordinary situations - for example, they forget when and where they have an appointment.

Here, exercises to develop their ability to stay focused and attentive will help. It is necessary to train the habit of thinking more about others. It is much easier to get to an appointment on time if you think about the person you are seeing rather than yourself.


Low self-esteem often leads to increased anxiety and develops "evasive syndrome". Wishing to get rid of fear and anxiety, the person ignores his or her responsibilities.

Of course, self-esteem is not raised by the magic wand. Someone will even have to seek help from a professional psychologist, and someone can achieve highly visible results if they learn to expect more from themselves and challenge themselves.


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