Bicycle hooks: a cheap and easy way to clean your garage


08 July 2020

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Using a simple bike hook is a quick and easy solution for storing your bike in the garage. You can go super simple and buy a set of hooks online or at the hardware store for a few dollars, or you can get the added convenience of a hook specifically designed to hold a bike.

When considering using bike hooks to store your bike, first decide if you want to hang your bike vertically from the ceiling or if you want to have it lean horizontally on your wall. What you should be aware of is that hanging your bike from the ceiling may make it more difficult for a shorter person or child to access.

Installation is simple. You only need to screw the hook to your garage wall or ceiling or screw the hardware if you go with a more advanced bike hook.

Be sure to screw the bike hook onto a pole on the wall or a stud on the ceiling so that it can support the weight of your bike.

A common way to hang a bicycle is vertically from the ceiling using the hook to hold the front or rear wheel. By doing this you only need one hook per bike,

An advantage of using hooks to hang your bike is the low cost. A second advantage is that you can easily move the hook to a different location in your garage if you need to.

One downside is that your bike may not be as easy to access. This can be a problem if you drive frequently or are trying to store children's bikes as they may not be able to safely pull the bike by themselves.

If you drive frequently or have children who want quick access to your bike, yet you have little space for the garage, you may want to see the many other easy bike storage devices such as the hoist or bike rack, they can be easily handled by a child.


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