3-nen A-gumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi desu (FULL EPISODE)


08 July 2020

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Ibuki Hiiragi works as an art teacher. He began teaching at his current high school two years ago. He is the homeroom teacher of 3rd Grade A Class. 10 days before graduation day, Ibuki Hiiragi stands in front of his 29 students, and tells them "From now on, you are hostages."

Other name: Class 3A - All of You Are Hostages From Now On; Sannen A-gumi - imakara minasan wa, hitojichi desu -; 3rd Grade A Class: From Now On, You Are Hostages; Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom

Country: Japan
Genres: Comedy, School

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