Aeron chair warranty


09 July 2020

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When looking for an office chair and other high-end products, consumers would normally buy a cover for a warranty. The longer the warranty period, the better your constant thinking. However, once the office chair is purchased and finally assembled, the warranty is forgotten. When your office chair malfunctions or has workmanship defects, they repair it on their own or pay someone to do the dirty work for them. In the end, they end up destroying the chair or paying more than they bargained for when the warranty provided by Herman Miller, Inc., maker of the Aeron chair, is free.

The Aeron chair is considered a high-end model not only for its price ranging from $ 749 to $ 949 for the basic and highly adjustable types, but also for its ergonomic, functional and environmental aspects that are incorporated into its design. It was built to maintain or improve health, support any position or posture that the user wants to assume, adapt to the user and be repairable, recyclable and durable. Although the company is confident in the quality and design of its product, it still offers a generous 12-year warranty on structural components and operating mechanisms. Therefore, instead of repairing your Aeron chair yourself or hiring someone to do it, it is better to take advantage of such a guarantee.

This warranty covers all defects in workmanship and other damage, except for natural variations (discoloration, discoloration, etc.) in wood, marble, etc. and non-standard parts and materials incorporated into the Aeron chair, as requested by the user. However, it only extends to original buyers who purchased their Aeron chairs from authorized dealers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States (see the Aeron chair dealer directory on the company's website). Those who purchased from other distributors, who lack the proper authorization, will not be considered eligible to avail of the company's warranty.

Under this warranty, a one-year period is provided for labor and materials that apply to all products. An extended warranty is provided for parts replacement for products manufactured after January 25, 1999 (check the date of birth on the warranty label). For operational mechanisms and structural components, a 12-year period is provided. Finishes and coatings, on the other hand, are covered for a period of 3 years.

When using the warranty, be sure to present proof of purchase, a warranty label, and other documents showing that your Aeron chair was installed in accordance with company specifications. Herman Miller, Inc. also requires that all damaged products be delivered to them. These in turn will be returned to the user after being repaired at the expense of the company,


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