30 July 2020

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Enjeo will pay you $21.20 directly to your bank account just for investing $1 thru them. Plus $10 per referral and 5% commission on all your referrals. You will need two emails to sign up.

When you sign up type in your name, address, your 1st email, phone number, routing number, and account number. So you can get your money by direct deposit. They accept PayPal.

Once done on the next page. Click on the link at the top of the page. Its your affiliate link. Sign up using your 2 email. Your email should be different from the other site. Choose the Mini Roadside offer and pay your $1 for your Mini Roadside Assistance Benefits Membership. Also save there phone number in case you run across any issues.

Once you get your money, you can toggle off the plan. So you don't get charged. You must wait about 5 days. Including the day you sign up. In order to get the $21.20. It depends on your bank.

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