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21 April 2024

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Esteban: Love's Irony
Fish Nealman
Page: 212
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
ISBN: 9798869302670
Publisher: Mirage Books

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Embark on Esteban's captivating journey of resilience and self-discovery in "Love's Irony." From the evocative streets of Las Cruces, where he battles illness and solitude while revitalizing a forgotten church community, to the vibrant city of Kochi in southwest India, Esteban's life takes unexpected turns. In Kochi, amidst fulfilling duties and encountering fascinating individuals, Esteban discovers an unexpected source of joy. His path intersects with Aja, the head nurse, and their connection defies the conventional boundaries of their roles. However, their burgeoning romance faces challenges, especially as Aja grapples with her identity as a practicing nun. Their complex relationship unfolds within the hospital's corridors, leading to a heart-wrenching separation as Aja prioritizes her faith. Driven by heartache and divine guidance, Esteban seeks solace in Macau, only to experience the capricious nature of fate. From fleeting triumph to sudden deportation, Esteban's journey through love's irony is a rollercoaster of emotions. Join him as he navigates through life's unpredictable twists, exploring the depths of human connection and the profound irony that accompanies love's journey.

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Esteban: Love's Irony, by Fish Nealman. Esteban's journey of resilience and transformation unfolds with unexpected twists and turns in "Love's Irony." From an 
Esteban: Love's Irony
書名:Esteban: Love's Irony,ISBN:9798869264701,出版社:Mirage Books,作者:Fish Nealman,頁數:,出版日期:2024/04/22.