My healing technique is the only one that works


23 August 2020

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In 2015, I was talking to a therapist named, Vijay Rana, about different healing techniques. I was talking about how some people believe their technique is the best available or the only one that works.

After mentioning this, I went into why I thought it was not a good idea for someone to say this kind of thing. I remember saying that this can cause someone to experience problems when a technique doesn't work for them.

Self blame

They may end up believing that there must be something wrong with them, which makes them feel even worse than before. Also, instead of trying another technique to help them, they can continue using the same technique.

They may also experience the frustration and anger they are experiencing, along with all the money they are shelling out. And after all this, they will not be better than before; if anything, they can get worse.

Your thoughts

Vijay listened to what he had to say and then went on with what he had heard Ken Wilber say. I think he said he had heard him talk about how people can get so attached to what they do that it prevents them from thinking clearly.

It is as if the technique they use becomes part of them, making them see everything through a certain lens. Your technique will be a hammer and this will make each problem look like a nail; there will be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Several options

He said that while he uses a technique, this is not the only way to work with internal blocks. There were several different options he came up with, and this showed that his identity was not tied to a technique.

This allowed him to be more open-minded and accept that what works for one person may not have the same effect on another. It wasn't a surprise to hear Vijay say this, as he is down to earth and genuine.

A long list

Over the years, I have tried a number of different approaches, and I have learned a lot and dealt with many things during this time. Some of the things I have tried have worked for others, but not for me, and certain approaches have been good for certain problems but not for others.

I would say that there are techniques that are much more effective than others, but I would not say that one technique will solve everything. What I have also thought is that if someone uses a technique and says it is the only one that works, and they are in a good place themselves, there is a good chance that they have tried many different techniques throughout their life to get to Where are they.

A process

The technique they use will have been high, but there are likely many other factors that have influenced their current situation. Ignoring the other techniques that they have used and the experiences that have allowed them to evolve will be akin to an automobile manufacturer overlooking the impact that previous models of a car have had on the latest model; If it weren't for these models, the latest model wouldn't exist.

Therefore, if they had not gone through these experiences, they could have reached this point. In other words, the technique they use now is unlikely to be the only one they have used.


Often, someone will be drawn to a technique that allows them to reach a level that they are comfortable with at the time. You could say that the technique exists and then there is how ready someone is to solve a problem.

The degree of preparation of a person can define how long it will take to work on something; this is not something a therapist or healer can speed up. That is why it is important that someone trust your trip, know that the answers you need will be given to you at the right time.

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