Different techniques used for 3D modeling


23 August 2020

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3D rendering is used to create a three-dimensional image using computer graphics. The product is called a 3D model. A polygon is used to represent a 3D model on the computer. These polygons combine to give a final structure in the form of 3D. There is a variety of software available that is useful for this purpose. This software creates a polygon mesh on your outlined image.

There are different modeling techniques that 3D artists use. These techniques are as follows:

1. Primitive modeling: This technique has advantages and disadvantages. Maya, 3DS, and Max are some names for the different programs used in primitive modeling. This software comes with a set of 3D primitives and tools that are used to alter the shapes of any image or character. This is the best technique for architectural purposes. It is used to create the images of furniture, buildings, etc. But it is not suitable for making organic models or human representations.

2. Modeling subdivisions: this technique is a hybrid technique; it is a mix of polygonal and NURBS rendering techniques. You can create a 3D model by creating a polygonal model and then converting it to the subdivisional model. You can control the refinement of the model in particular areas through this technique. Using this technique, high-quality 3D representations can be made.

3. Polygonal modeling: this is the technique most used by 3D artists. This technique is used to create organic and inorganic models. Polygon tools are used in this technique; subdivide the polygon to give your model a 3D shape. You can create a polygon mesh using fewer polygons in the image. After creating a required 3D, you can add refinement to it.

4. NURBS modeling: NURBS stands for Non Uniform Rational Bspline. It uses simple mathematical curves called NURBS. These curves define the shape of the 3D character or image. The problem with this technique is that once a 3D is created, it cannot be modified.

5. Surface modeling: This technique is commonly used for organic 3D models. This technique is quite different from NURBS. Use 2D splines to make a 3D spline. The splines intersect to create a 3D cage around the outline of your image or character. It offers flexibility to the user and 3D rendering can be easily done with different requirements.

These techniques are widely used in movies and are also used to create live 3D models. The choice of technique to make the model depends on the requirements of the person,


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