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23 August 2020

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Winter is a beautiful season full of ice and snow. Along with beauty, dry air and winds can damage our skin. Learn how to protect your skin this winter with some natural skin care tips.

Even the most hydrated skin can tend to dryness in winter. We believe that if we wear layers of clothing to protect ourselves from the wind, our skin will be automatically protected. That is far from the truth. If we don't hydrate our skin in the winter, it will become dry, itchy, and red.

1. Drink lots of water - Our bodies are 90 percent water. It keeps our organs hydrated and the largest organ in the body is the skin. Drinking water keeps our skin hydrated from the inside. When we sweat, it is essential that we replace the water that we lose through our skin.

2. Hydrate at night: even if we use lotions or creams during the day, we may forget to do it at night. We cover ourselves to keep warm, but that's not enough. Activities throughout the day deplete moisture from the skin and not hydrating at night continues the process. Cover your skin with a layer of moisturizing lotion before going to bed. To prevent feet from drying out and cracking, massage with a natural salve or balm and cover with socks.

3. Wear sunscreen - Many people don't consider the winter sun to be hot, but every time the sun shines, it emits radiation. Harmful radiation from the sun can dry out our skin as well as damage it on the surface and deeper. Many natural skin care products contain zinc, which is a mineral that acts as a natural sunscreen.

4. Use a humidifier - the air in winter can be very dry. Even at home, heat can have a drying effect on the skin and nasal passages. To add some moisture to the air, invest in a humidifier. There are two types: warm and cold fog. A cool mist humidifier adds moisture to the air but lowers the temperature a few degrees for comfort.

5. Exfoliate your skin: This can be achieved with skin creams containing microbeads, a sugar scrub, or by using a loofah sponge. With gentle circular movements, the scrub removes dead skin from our body. A weekly scrub allows healthy skin cells to better absorb moisturizers and allow the skin to maintain a healthy level of moisture.

6. Take cooler showers: Hot water feels great on tired muscles, but it can affect our skin. Instead, use lukewarm water and shower for less time to prevent your skin from drying out,


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