Tips for finding a paid magician


24 August 2020

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When hiring a magician for a birthday party or corporate event, you'll want an entertainer who puts on a fun show and makes your event memorable. However, there are many so-called illusionists who have not taken the time to perfect their art form.

If you want your audience to be transported into a magical world, you must choose an artist wisely. In this article, we will discover magic trading tricks to help you spend your money wisely.

A good place to start your search for hiring a magician for your role is with referrals from trusted friends and family. Also, don't be afraid to audition. Anyone can call themselves a magician, so make sure you know exactly what a performance will encompass before signing a contract.

Most trusted professionals today have a website that provides a bio and detailed description of their program. The best professionals present videos on their web pages that allow you to see the types of routines they perform and their presentation and interaction with the public. Comparing videos is a great way to evaluate an artist and decide if they are suitable for your event.

Magicians perform two types of magic shows: standing / stage and close-up / walking. In a standing performance or on stage, present a show that is appropriate for small or large audiences that may include birthday parties and school functions.

In close-up / walk-through performances, he walks into an event and performs "close-up" tricks using cards, coins, and other objects. The magic of the walk works well at open houses, cocktails and company picnics. A professional magician will generally customize a show for a particular audience to ensure a great performance.

The Yellow Pages are a good resource for finding a magician for hire, but watch out for party planners and reservations. Many have clients who are part-time magicians and the agent may not be clear about what their act entails. On the other hand, a high-level booker will assess your needs and match you with the magician that best suits your audience. Even then, insist on referrals and a video or live demo.

Hiring a magician for a children's party doesn't have to be all smoke and mirrors. Do your research carefully and know what to expect. An artist dressed as a clown who also offers games is probably not the right choice if you are expecting sophisticated magic tricks. The same applies to other artists who dress up.

There are some accomplished wizards who dress up as wizards and wizards, but still control their credentials. After all, you want the party to be something your child will always remember as a magical experience,


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