When do you need to hire multiple magicians?


24 August 2020

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Thinking of hiring magicians for your next corporate event or private party? Sometimes it is difficult to know how many magicians to hire and for how long. Here are some tips.

"Always leave your audience wanting more"

Having watched magicians perform for many years, it's clear that some really don't know when to stop. I've seen groups of people go from being totally inspired to being totally inspired just because the magician has stayed too long.

Acting in the right environment and for the right time is the key to creating the right impact.

Here are some tips on how many magicians to hire
If you want magicians to entertain your guests in small groups, then it really comes down to the numbers. If you have more than a hundred people, it is unlikely that your magician will be able to circumvent them all.

If I am working at a banquet with many tables, I would expect to have between ten and fifteen during the meal. So if you have twenty tables, you will have to think of two magicians to hire instead of one.

This is the great room at Devonshire House in London. It has over a hundred tables and is used for some of the biggest award ceremonies and corporate functions. Event organizers know that they will need at least eight magicians to hire if they want to cover all the tables.

Normally a function has around a hundred people and in these cases it is enough to hire a magician.

Sometimes they ask me to work small events with ten to twenty people in attendance. In these cases I try to limit the time. I often put on a cabaret-style performance for all the guests at the same time. Although the performance is shorter, the guests seem more magical, and overall, it is much more fun if everyone is watching at the same time,


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