Snoonet Math Resources

13 June 2016

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Useful Math Sites and Resources. Courtesy of

General Resources | Great bin with Latex for sharing problems | List of math unicode for easy in-chat copy/paste | Free no-login collaborative whiteboard with latex. | Advanced math calculator software. |For easy copying/pasting. | Book recommendations.

Math websites and blogs | Paul's Online Math Notes. | Site focusing on Underlying concepts/theories in math | Mathematician Blog. | Another Mathematician Blog

Math Help | Math Question and Answer website. | Reddit Q&A Subreddit. | Another Reddit Q&A Subreddit. | Traditionally formatted Q&A forum for math help. | Another one.

Math Textbooks and Text-based Courses | Introduction to proofs and logic | Linear Algebra | Multivariable Calculus | Resource for free & legal math textbooks

Online Courses and Videos | Extensive videos and interactive math problems. | Free online courses. Most scheduled | Free online courses. Some scheduled. | MIT Open Courseware for Math. | Great youtube channel for problems.