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21 September 2020

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From Holland, Italy, Germany, Sweden and the USA, we’ve brought to New Zealand submersible pumps that are proven to meet the toughest demands of the civil engineering, mining, industrial and agricultural industries. Each product is handpicked for its performance and high wear resistance. Understanding that dredging and solids reclamation are energy intensive operations, our team selects and continuously searches for efficient machines that can reduce energy use and contain projects’ operating costs. Explore our range. Our civil and mining product line includes models from Grindex, PRORIL and Dragflow. Each range is designed to offer excellent performance, easy maintenance, long wear life and low energy consumption. We have stainless steel sludge pumps engineered for harsh environments and capable of pumping corrosive fluids with solids up to 50 mm in size. We have hydraulic and electrical submersible pumps that can move slurry with a 70% solid content and submersible drainage pumps with the patented ACrS technology.

Our submersible pumps and stirrers for New Zealand’s agriculture sector are sourced from Faggiolati and LJM. They are engineered with rugged construction, making them suitable for the harshest applications in agriculture. The pumps and stirrers have proven long-lasting durability. Together, they can effectively transfer effluent with straw and very dry solids. From submersible sewage pumps for factories to drainage pumps for offshore projects, Prime Pump has an extensive range of pumps ready for the industrial sectors’ most demanding applications. We have PRORIL’s Handy Series and Cutter Sewage Pumps, Faggiolati’s Vortex Pumps and Stirrers and Grindex’s Submersible Drainage Pumps.

If you are looking for vacuum prime pumps, we can help at Prime Pump. We are a leading supplier of vacuum pump solutions, with customers across NZ. Our customers choose us because of the quality of the pumps we supply and the quality of our service. You can trust us with your vacuum pump needs too. We’ll make sure you get the right solution and will provide you with all the help and practical support you need to get the pump operational. The pumps we supply all come from leading brands. This includes SIHI, the German pump manufacturer, and Tuthill from the USA. We are aware there are other pump brands available, including those that appear to be value for money. However, from our experience, choosing a low-cost vacuum pump solution will cost you more in the end. Higher quality vacuum pumps, like the brands we supply, deliver a better return on investment.

Whether you need to move gas, including air, in or out, we have the liquid ring vacuum pumps that can do the job. Plus, we know selecting the right vacuum pump for your needs can be difficult because there are so many types. We have the knowledge and expertise you need. To find out more and to get a free, no-obligation quote for the vacuum pump solution you need, please contact us today on 0800 482 747.

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