Enforcer CDR Fix


25 September 2020

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The issue is due to the Night Reaver skill itself, not the badge. The sin xml was updated where there's 2 skill ids for 2 different Night Reavers
The Old Night Reaver skill id does NOT give cdr to tab even with Enforcer active, while the New Old Night Reaver skill id does give cdr
The Old Night Reaver skill id is the one on priority over 4 when you enter Phantom. New Night Reaver skill id takes priority on 4 only after Enforcer effect is active after proccing Phantom Shuriken

Basically people not having their first Night Reaver reduce their tab CD (even after using Phantom Shuriken to activate Enforcer) looks like it's due to them proccing the Old Night Reaver skill id before the hotbar swaps to New Night Reaver skill id
If you're low ping you may run into this issue often since you may fire NR off quickly enough before New Night Reaver swaps onto your 4 key
The window is really small tho so delaying firing off NR a bit after using Phantom Shuriken is an option OR replacing the Old Night Reaver skill id entries with the New Night Reaver skill ids so any NR you use will for sure reduce CD (assuming Enforcer is up)

Normal mode .patch addon: (to be applied via bnspatch)


Simple mode .patch addon: (to be applied via bnspatch)


The above is an edit to change any existing Old Night Reaver skill ids to the New Night Reaver
The caveat to this is that the New Night Reaver will be greyed out until Enforcer effect is up so you MUST use 3 first when you enter tab or you can't cast reavers (you'll still be fine doing sweaty rotation using the early reavers in the next tab where 3 is on CD since Enforcer effect is still up). This also means that if you use the above addons, you can't cast Night Reavers if you're not using Enforcer or an Enforcer-fused soul badge (so if doing non-Enforcer related things, dont use the addons). But with the addons you pretty much guarantee all Night Reavers you use will give CDR to Phantom
Summary of the 2 skills with clips to highlight both NR versions:
Old Night Reaver [Skill ID: 143140]:
- Does NOT CDR on [Phantom], regardless of if Enforcer is up.
- Conditions for casting: when you have 2+ marks.
- Showcases: Old Night Reaver only, Enforcer badge activated with 7 Night Reavers casted but tab ends with 48s left of CD. https://streamable.com/d8fh2r

New Night Reaver [Skill ID: 143141]:
- Does CDR on [Phantom] when Enforcer is up.
- Conditions for casting: when you have 2+ marks AND when Enforcer effect is up. Even if you have 2+ marks, if Enforcer effect isn't up then NR remains greyed out. This also means if you aren't using an Enforcer badge fuse, you literally can't proc Night Reaver.
- Showcases: (1) NR being unavailable even with 2+ marks. (2) NR being available with 2+ marks after Enforcer effect is procced. (3) Closer look of having 2+ marks -> NR unavailable -> proc Enforcer Effect with Phantom Shuriken -> NR available for use. https://streamable.com/mp9uo9

All credits for finding, testing, and fixing to aenav#4800 / Innes
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