UEFA reconsiders standing at European games


27 September 2020

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Standing during English football matches has been banned since April 15, 1989, when the Hillsborough disaster occurred. The unfortunate event took place at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, in which 96 people, all Liverpool fans, were killed. Since then, no one has been able to stand in a stadium during a football match.

Michel Platini, president of UEFA, has taken the issue in hand after fans claimed that Werder Bremen allow standing during their domestic games. This is because standing is very popular in domestic football in Germany, and the country counts with many new stadiums offering a special section specially designed for fans who prefer to stand up and are said to be completely safe by the authorities.

Veltins Arena, home of Schalke 04, has staggered barriers at every four steps in the standing section and can be easily removed and replaced with seats to host international or European games. The seats at Werder Bremen Stadium have a system where the seats are unlocked to make room.

These are more modern than old terraces, and some claim that they are much safer than standing in sitting areas. A UEFA spokesman told reporters that the current rules apply and that there are no immediate plans to restore status, but they are willing to discuss the matter and explore new possibilities.

The conference was held in Nyon, Switzerland and included fan representatives from across Europe such as; England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark and followers Direct organizations from the United Kingdom and Germany.

William Gaillard, UEFA's communications director, said that in his and others 'opinions, sitting is the best way to watch a football match, but they are open to reviewing fans' concerns with FIFA and will keep their minds open to new possibilities for more information click here


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