The secrets of entrepreneurial superstars


27 September 2020

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What is behind the production of a Richard Branson, Ted Turner or JRD Tata? Why do some entrepreneurs become superheroes while others lag far behind in the race? What is the source of their infinite energy, and is there anything besides passion that drives them on the highway? We have all wondered about the secrets behind business competitions and entrepreneurial superstars at some point.

Let's try to uncover the mystery behind these superheroes.

The basic

Basics always stay the same and they are taken for granted to become yet another little entrepreneur. Hardwork, vision, thick skin, conviction, integrity, smartwork and courage all play a role in addition to luck timing and creativity to venture into the enterprising territories.

An intuition for possibilities

The ability to see opportunities where others do not is a key trait of an extraordinary entrepreneur. A superstar learns about pioneers who have come before (to serve as role models) and their drivers.


The superstar looks at complex things through a child's eyes and tries to simplify things where possible. KISS is the key, 'Keep it short and simple.'


When one thing does not work, the superstar is quick to figure out something that will and continues with the same savagery. The Lion King attacks with the same energy, whether he attacks a weak or a strong prey.


The ability and willingness to work for very long periods without immediately seeing results is a very crucial skill to become a superstar. One must be able to hold momentum through the seemingly dead spells.

Discover purpose and passion

A superstar first finds the purpose and passion that makes him / her a successful entrepreneur.

Goal orientation

Specific and measurable goals are essential to check if the company is going in the right direction. One must also accept that failure is not failure, but a learning opportunity for the next adventure. As the quote says, "obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the targets."

Realism to the core

When writing a business plan, halve the sales forecast and double the cost. If the numbers are still added, one has a viable option. A superstar is optimistic about spending and pessimistic about revenue.

Common sense plus attention to detail

They say, "If you take care of the little things, big things will take care of themselves." An entrepreneur must have the not-so-common 'common sense' to guide him to the right actions and decisions for more information click here


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