Using curtain rods to hang art


27 September 2020

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Curtain rods are a perfect way to hang art attractively. By using a rod, curtain rings and clips, you can hang art and change it quickly and easily.

First, measure your space and decide how old the curtain rod should be. A small, simple rod works best. You will also need supports to hold the bar. Second, decide if you want finials, end mounting brackets, or a coffee curtain rod. The finials will cover the reed in an attractive way. The mounting brackets at the ends allow the rod to go from wall to wall. A coffee bar has returns and allows the bar to be attached directly to the wall without brackets at the ends of the bars. Third, choose a curtain ring that is slightly larger than your rod. For example, choose 1 1/2 "rings with a 1" rod. Also, you will need alligator clips to attach to the rings to hold the art.

The installation of the rod depends on the type chosen. If you choose a curtain rod with brackets and finials, simply attach the brackets to the wall and place the rod with the finials on the brackets. If you choose end mounting brackets or a coffee bar, you will mount the bar directly on the wall. Either way, put the rings on the downrod before installing.

Attach the clips to the curtain rod rings, and then attach the rings to the rod. You can then hang the art using the clothespin clips to grab the art. The rings can be moved along the rod to place them in the right place according to the size of the art. When you get tired of the art, just remove it from the clips and replace it. You will have a new look whenever you want!


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