How Curtain Rod Brackets Can Add A Decorative Touch To Your Home


27 September 2020

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Curtains are a great way to soften the look of your windows and can enhance the overall decorative look of your home, by combining curtains and accessories with the style of the interiors. Once you've chosen your curtains and rod, you can now focus on the correct curtain rod brackets, caps, or finials (the decorative trim at the end of the rod) and tie-downs.

Curtain rod holders are not only functional as a means of supporting the rod; They can also be decorative and can come in many materials and finishes. The look of window treatments can also vary widely depending on whether you select ceiling mounted curtains, which are very dramatic, or shelf brackets, which not only hold the bar, but also a narrow shelf on top. Brackets usually come with the rod and generally match it in terms of material and finish, but you may want to change the design to create a more unique look.

Brackets made of chrome and metal suit modern and contemporary homes, but you can get an antique finish on the metal to match a more traditional look. Good examples of these are black wrought iron and antique gold. These also usually have a decorative sculpture on the end, such as a cap, that adds another decorative touch near the edges of the curtain rod.

Wood curtain rod holders certainly enhance a wooden or bamboo rod, and are popular in a natural wood stain. However, these are very versatile and can be painted and carved into any shape.

Double brackets are used for double curtains, when you want to have a more dimensional effect or you want to block light, for example in the bedroom. The inner curtain is usually made of a light and transparent material, while the outer curtain is heavier and can be pushed aside when you want more light.


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