Choosing the right curtain rods and supports


27 September 2020

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How many times have you had a guest walk into your room, just to immediately indicate what a beautiful view you have from your window? To frame your beautiful view, you need to have beautiful window treatments that will complement not only the rest of the decor, but the landscaping outside as well. One area where you may be tempted to save money is on the hardware that holds your shades. Resist this urge because having the right curtain rods for your windows can make the difference between a professional-looking design and one that appears to have been put together by a hobbyist.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing curtain rods is the weight of the design and the type of curtains you are using. The common sense rule of thumb for choosing the right support for your window treatments is that heavier curtains need stronger supports. For example, if you have curtains made of heavy taffeta, you will need to choose brackets that can support the weight without sagging. For these types of curtains, you will want to steer clear of wooden models as they will tend to sag under the weight of carrying the load. However, you may be able to compensate for the sag effect by installing more curtain rod brackets to redistribute the weight of the load more evenly. A better solution is to choose a design that is made of a metal such as aluminum, steel, or wrought iron, all of which will resist bending. If you have lighter curtains, you can choose any type of support system, but keep in mind that having too large a bar can overpower the delicacy of your window fabrics.

The size of the space that the windows should cover can also affect the type of material you choose. As with heavier curtains, longer spans will require heavier support systems that resist sag. Another option is to choose adjustable curtain rods, which can change length very quickly to suit most needs. On some models, the ends are screwed in and unscrewed for length pick-up and release, while other models are spring-loaded, meaning the ends will need to be placed between the walls that frame the window.

When it comes to choosing the right brackets for your curtains, your main concern is choosing one that is strong enough. After that, you can customize the item to match your taste and design scheme.


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