How to choose an electric bike


27 September 2020

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Today, more and more people prefer to choose new innovations that can help minimize the destruction of our environment. An electric bike is one of those new innovations. The electric bike is environmentally friendly and much more convenient than normal bikes. However, there is a wide range of electric bikes that have different designs and prices. So what should you keep in mind if you are looking for an electric bike?

The price

A budget is an important thing when you plan to buy something. Generally speaking, a new electric bike costs from US $ 300 and can cost up to US $ 3,000. If you are willing to spend around 1500 dollars to buy an electric bike, you will get a really solid, reliable and quality one. However, if the bike dealer charges you very little money, don't consider it. When an electric bike is too cheap, it will not be safe for you.


When it comes to electrical cycling, the battery is a big deal. The type of battery can determine how long you can drive. If you don't need to go a long way, a small bike battery will do the trick. Otherwise, you will need a premium battery. You can typically travel between 12 and 30 miles on a fully charged standard battery. Also, before buying an electric bike, you should check the battery production date to make sure it is the latest because old batteries are prone to exposure and can pollute the environment.

Electric bike motor

The motor determines how fast the bike will go and is often built into the front of the bike. Different types of motors offer different speeds. Also, when you are checking the engine, you should also pay attention to its weight. Since the motor is the heaviest part of an electric bike, you should choose it according to your own weight.

After sales service

When buying electric bikes, it is better to choose local stores. Choosing the local electric bike shops can ensure you can have qualified after-sales services. Good after-sales services can help you solve many problems.

Follow the tips above and you will buy yourself a good electric bike. To protect the environment and save money, we should opt for electric bikes because they have many advantages. In my next article I will give some details about the benefits of electric bikes


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