How To Make Men & Women Do What You Want


29 September 2020

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This tactic has been used in the united states of America’s airport. There are a group of people looking for donations (forgot their name) and what they do is that they head straight up to the person and ‘force’ a flower (plastic) into their hand. They tell them that it’s a gift, and from there the person can decide whether or not to donate the money. Almost a full 100% went on to donate money after receiving the flower, compared to the mere 15% that used to donate when approached without a flower. The crucial point here is that a flower is ‘forced’ into their hands, not a flower is ‘offered’ to them. This ultimately makes the people feel obliged to return the favor of giving something back. Wonderful tactic isn’t it?

So, now we’re on to using the law of reciprocation to get men & women to do what you want. Research has shown that the law of reciprocation, basically the need to return a favour, is overwhelmingly strong and effective in getting people to do what you want. This can be in return to a favour that you have done for the person , a gift you gave to that person or a request that they have turned down from you. Below is a further explanation to clarify things.

When asked a favour, more often than not i usually happily comply. But this is usually with the idea that i would need something back from the person in mind. This is not my sole reason for helping people with favors, mind you, but it grants me a huge advantage when i need someone to help me get something or do me a favor (sometimes even greater in value) than what i previously helped them to do.

Gifts are not all good.

Gifts wise, it’s scientifically proven that usually we do not expect any returns from giving someone a gift, however, it can be used to a huge advantage as long as the gift is one way (not a gift exchange for example), the receiving party would feel “obliged” to return the “favor”, and this can be used greatly to your advantage.
Below are a few great examples of how this can work out for you trying to get women to do what you want.

Here you go honey, flowers sex.

Example 1 : probably the most cliche technique, when a husband brings home a bouquet of flowers to give to the wife, and sad as it may sound, this is not entirely out of love. This is usually with something in mind, like a forgiving act because he has done something wrong or perhaps even a sexual act because his raging male sexual hormones are taking over, you get what i mean. Either way, this method of giving his wife flowers first would engage the reciprocation rule and give him the huge advantage in whatever he may want as his wife would feel obliged to return a favour, or a job, to him. icon razz Dating rule #8 : (Reciprocation) How To Make Men & Women Do What You Want

You are now promoted, to my girlfriend.

Example 2 : the most basic and frequently seen form of men using the reciprocation rule is when they offer women a certain “favour”, be it something simple like helping them buy their coffee in the morning to something more complex like giving them a raise or upgrading their position in their business, they all fall under the reciprocation rule. After offering these “favors”, men would usually request something in return, which once again ranges from a simple dinner date to a more.. intense sexual favour, and because the woman would feel obliged to returning the favor he has done for her, she would comply with his requests.

Oh well.. what about just coffee?

Example 3 : the law of reciprocation can also work this way : people would feel obliged to returning a “favour” if they didn’t fulfil your first request as they would feel guilty. This can be seen in scenarios where a man asks a woman out to have lunch or dinner with him, when the woman refuses his request, he goes on to say, “How about just coffee then?” and this more often than not always works out for him as the woman has felt guilty enough turning down the man’s first request, thus, being more inclined to accepting his second request. Note : notice how this method combines the reciprocation rule with the contrast rule (asking for a small favor right after a big favor).

All these examples illustrate really well how men can use the reciprocation rule to get women to do what they want in a variety of ways, through giving them a gift first, to the constant fulfiling of favours and requesting something in return at a later point, to making a succession of requests with the next being smaller than the first (contrast rule).

Be imaginative!

imagination Dating rule #8 : (Reciprocation) How To Make Men & Women Do What You Want
Be imaginative and you can come up with a variety of ways that you can use the reciprocation rule to get women to do what you want. Also, it would be good and helpful to all current and future readers if you could share ways that you have used or are thinking of using the reciprocation rule by sharing it through the comments on this post below. And here’s a thanks on behalf of all the future readers! All the best in your persuasion (note: not manipulation) endeavours people! I read through every comment and even a short anonymous comment would go a long way to helping me improve this blog post. (:

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